My blog friends

I started blogging in August 2014 in a period of despondency. Life had never looked worse for me- finances were low, self-esteem almost non-existence, respect from peers nil and family support almost zero. It was that time that I was led to blogging. Looking back, I was guided, unknowingly into the blog world. From a shy person, I have become a blog extrovert-I have a lot of friends, good friends, I like to say and I am proud to have you all as my friends.

As a thank you, I would like to mention a few of my blog friends and what I have learnt from them:

1. Timeless lady of Minding my P’s with Q : I learnt about appreciating the simple things in life, a trip on a weekend with family to a garden nearby, the excitement of watching a new flower bloom or to see tadpoles dancing in her pond, there is wonder in every thing she sees and takes in. I have learnt the importance of being innocent and of being of a clear heart from her.

2. Good woman : From Helen, I have learnt about how there can be cold areas in a desert. I am amazed that some parts of the USA are situated at such heights but they have sprung up from the desert. I learnt that sewing and cross-stitch and every other hobby can be carried on throughout life- even if our eyes fail us or our ears don’t hear any more or our hands don’t work as fast as they should, we can continue to do the things that we loved to do when we learnt them, through out our journey. Passion for a craft is what I have learnt from her and from this I have come to understand that she is a woman who can do anything she determines to do.

3. Ritu from butIsmileanyway : As her blog title says, she is loving, exuberant, smiley, happy, caring, loving, passionate, humourous, affectionate and everything a girl should be. I am reminded of the English rhyme when I think of her- “What are little girls made of ? Sugar and spice and all that’s nice- thats what little girls are made of “. I have learnt to see the positives in any situation from her and to make a joke out of every occurrence even the things that made you sad and depressed, there is always another perspective to look at it from and perhaps that is the perspective we are supposed to look at it from.

4. Lynn Love from Word Shamble : I have learnt to write well from Lynn. I have learnt how words can be put together to such good effect and so effortlessly. I think Lynn is a marvellous writer and I wish her all the luck on her writing journey. Lynn, I wish to read your book soon.

5. April from R. Sativus :  April, from you I have learnt how to reach out to strangers- you were one of the first blog friends I have made and are still so. I admire your strength of character, your writing skills, the ups and downs of your life and how you manage to come out of every situation, to take long walks and commune with nature, to enjoy cooking, to take care of elderly people and love them and so much more. April, I think you are a multi-hued personality and everyone who is in touch with you, is blessed.

6. Kathleen Duncan : Kathleen is a wonderful woman, with a heart full of love and overflowing. She is a strong woman who has stood the test of adversity and come out in flying colours. From her I have learnt of the resilience of the spirit and to hold on to faith, even when everything around you is crumbling. Kathleen, I salute you.

7. Donna : Donna is a constant friend, one who I can rely on, through my thicks and thins. She does not judge and accepts me for what I am. From Donna I have learnt how to appreciate all things natural and to be creative with nature and not against nature. I enjoy reading about her nature trips- her kayaking adventures and her write ups of the great outdoors. I especially love the way she takes care of the tiny creatures from nature and showers them with love and care.

8. Daniel from dreambigand often : Daniel is a recent friend and from him I have learnt how to be confident, how to make changes in my life- small, though they may be- and to live life in the spirit that it was meant to be lived in.  I look forward to reading and knowing more from you, Daniel.

9. Edwina : of EdwinaEpisodes : From Edwina, who is a caregiver, I have learnt how to care for all things living, especially those who need our care and love,the less privileged, the vulnerable. I have learnt that one can be uplift even if one is going through a tough time and when I think of her, I think of a storm and she is the “eye’ of the storm, that area of calmness, which is the strength of the storm. To laugh at myself is what I have learnt from you, Edwina. Thank you.

10. Rashmi : from  Soul and Spirit :  I have loved your photographs and your commentaries on them. I think you are especially talented in outdoor photography and I enjoy reading about your philosophy of life, your family, your adventures, how to appreciate the mountains, the rivers, the valleys and the greenery. But most of all, from you, I learnt the gift of “giving”. I have been impressed by your sending gifts across the oceans to blog friends, just because you learnt that they did not get the tea they wanted. Giving to strangers and people you haven’t seen, is one of the best lessons I have learnt, and I learnt this from you, Rashmi.

Thank you all and many more !


30 thoughts on “My blog friends

  1. Susie, first thing I read this morning. I am now in tears. Thank you for your kind words. I am only strong in Christ. And sometimes I feel as weak as a kitten. But I press on.

    Your words and transparency are wonderful! Keep blogging. You may be shy, but you are like a breath of fresh air.

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  2. Susie, Thank you so much for including me in this post. It is very interesting for me to see which of my rambling and disjointed posts that you picked out to mention. I came home in a crabby mood after working late and finding your post really brightened my perspective.

    Keep up with your writing and please understand when you don’t always get an immediate response.

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    1. Oh Helen. I appreciate that you took the time off to write in;but I was laughing at myself today-I needed a good laugh- that I wrote a post so some of my friends might feel happy about something on that day, and I found no one wanted mine. :(.
      I am glad that you found my post uplifting after a crabby day- wish you had read it before.


  3. Thank you!! That is honestly one of the best compliments I have ever received.

    And isn’t it amazing how it’s so much easier to be you when blogging? I feel like there’s so much less pressure.

    Thank you for being so awesome and caring and friendly!

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  4. Oh Susie, My eyes are filled with tears. You truly touched my heart. You also captured who I am with your words. I thank you for your caring post and the true friendship I feel with you. Thank you so very much. All that we are able to keep when our time on earth is competed is the love of God, family and friends. Thank you for the honor of being included in your post.


  5. Thank you Susie – what a lovely post and such lovely things to say. You were one of the first bloggers I hooked up with on WordPress and have always so enjoyed our discussions. Thank you again – truly lovely X

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  6. Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    This is a great post about having the willingness to grow, learn and remain open to possibilities!! Susie is a shining example of what happens when you take control of your life and desire to grow!! I am honored and humbled to be on her list. Thank you Susie!!

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  7. Susie Shy, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I really relate to what you’re saying. Just last year I made a remarkable discovery. I attended one of the first meetings of ewomen network which I had recently joined. The speaker informed me that I was an introvert! You’d think by my age (62) I would certainly know my personality type, but au contraire. Everyone had always told me I was an extrovert–I had been a performer (mostly musician, but also acting, dancing); I had written poems, songs and wanted to share them with close friends and families. I did public speaking. But why did I want to curl up at home with a good book? Why did I want to write my own books, when I had made a career out of writing for others? Why was I so sensitive? The introvert who needs the nourishment of peace and tranquility in order to rejuvenate can be pushed into extrovert activities. It doesn’t mean we need it all the time; in fact we suffer dire consequences sometimes if we don’t get our down time to write, to reflect, to express. So maybe I had to learn the hard way and face weakness and health repercussions before I learned. So now I’m writing for me, battling the constraints of time, and I do want others to read my stories, books, and blogs. I write about my crusades and passions. Now. here we sit, two creative souls crying out to be heard. I will listen .

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    1. This is so sweet . You have written a long post and I love reading- so we are twin souls or soul sisters, I may say.
      I am learning to write yet.
      Just started about a year ago. I have always enjoyed writing but have never developed my talent for it- like the Biblical person who buried his talent, so have I done. Finally hardships and troubles forced me to bring this talent out – for one of the basic necessities of life- money. I didn’t make much in terms of money but I made a lot more- confidence, fluency of words and a whole lot of new friends. So in the outside world, though I might be an introvert, in the blog world, I am not.
      So welcome to my world, my new friend- and please tell me how I can address you. Please call me Susie, which is my middle name. I am still shy by nature, so my first name is yet to come out in print. Fingers crossed.

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      1. Just call me Deborah or Deb. I’m proud to call you friend, Susie. If you need assistance, let me know. I read the beginning of written projects gratis and no-charge for a chapter where you get stuck. I’m a content and development editor as well as nuts-and-bolts. Usually, not always, I can help you get “unstuck”. Best wishes to you! Definitely twin-souls who have found each other.

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      2. Thanks again Deb. I will certainly do that, should I get to writing a book. For now, its only ways and means of earning a few dollars here and there- mostly ghost writing( shame facedly) .

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      3. Don’t ever be ashamed of writing, any kind of writing, especially ghost writing. It is one of the hardest types of writing there is. You need to find the voice of your client and use it, only grammatically and editorially correct. There is a fine art to this. If you sound like yourself when writing for someone else, it does neither one of your justice. I have done MUCH ghost writing. If you need an editor or proofreader for your ghost writing, any size, let me know. I make sure my rates are affordable for all levels of writers. You would just add the charge to your client’s bill. No one, not even me, can proofread their own writing. Keep at it!

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  8. Susie, I am truly touched and humbled by your wonderful post. It is not easy being shy, but I have found that blogging encourages me to be who I truly am, I love the fact that I have met so many wonderful and caring people such as yourself who I consider friends.
    Thank you for your kind words from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

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      1. Welcome Edwina. I would love to know what you think about my writing because I do think a lot about your style and way of writing and it would be a privilege for me if you would tell me about where I can improve.

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      2. Thank you so much for the compliment Susie. I am not a writer, but what works for me is writing the way I talk. It is as if I am telling the story to a friend in person. I think, that you already do that. Being yourself and staying true to that, rather than trying to write for an ‘audience’ is my best advice 🙂


  9. Oh my God ! What a lovely gesture Susie ! I am overwhwlmed ! Touched and in tears. You have been too kind with your words.I love your feelings towards me. Sometimes your own blood relation people don’t understand you and you have so nicely described me. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a real friend !


  10. I find it extremely sweet that you wrote and published this.
    I started my blog in February.
    I had no idea that writing a blog would come with a whole new community.
    I also did not expect all the wonderful courses I have been able to take to learn what the heck I am doing.
    I still know very little about blogging, but I have one 😀


    1. And I am coming to visit. I love house-visiting too- blog visiting rather. When I am lazy or put off from writing my own posts or ahem, gathering material for my own blog posts, I go to my Reader list and read every one of them faithfully( the ones I understand that is)- and then I do comment too. So I keep up with my writing.
      Good luck with your writing journey.

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