The mad hunt

What makes man kill for pleasure ? I am thinking about this when I read about a medical professional killing one of the  rare species of lion in Africa. We, who take the pledge of preserving life, focus on just human lives and forget that we are to take care of other living beings too. …

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The meaning of success by Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have been reading some and then some more. This morning I found a book and in it I found a small stanza of a poem by one of my favourite American poets of all time- Ralph Waldo Emerson. Since I have nothing original to say, I thought it would be good  to share words …

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Now I Take It Easy


soul n spirit

images-3Gone are those days when I used to feel heat

Deadline coming near, my heart used to beat

I am much calmer and easy going now

Don’t succumb under pressure somehow 

I have run, done enough to prove my capabilities

Shown my talent, a  perfectionist, tested my abilities

Times have changed, pressure doesn’t kick me

I do things at my own pace, this is a new cool me 🙂

If there is a delay, all hell will not break lose

If I don’t meet the deadline, I will politely excuse

I will try my best to achieve my goal

But that would not become the sore

Surely not a question of life and death

I work best if I take interest


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Meet n Greet!

Reblogged on Networking is a great way to make new friends and get new perspectives.

Dream Big, Dream Often

By the time you read this I will have been on the road for several hours!!  We have talked recently about the importance of networking and meeting new people, so here’s your chance.  Feel free to leave a link to your blog post or page and a little info about yourself in the comments and then reblog!  Great way to network.

For those of my readers that are not bloggers take a few moments and scan the links in the comments as there are so many talented writers on WordPress.  One of my favorite things about WP is it serves as a social platform allowing me to discover so many talented individuals!


I have never done this before, but figured what better way to spend a Sunday than helping others expand their readership??!!  After all, I met so many of you through a similar meet n greet on OM’s page…

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How I Drag Myself to the Gym

10 Years a Single Mom


I have always worked out.  The past ten years have been a challenge for me.  I would work out on and off, here and there.  Then came a 2 year period that I did not work out at all.  I ended that couch potato period of time a year ago when I started to really feel the effects of my age and my physically demanding job.  I would literally be in physical pain at the end of each shift.  I literally had a hard time walking.  I gained weight which is pretty easy to do when you are 49 and your metabolism has slowed to a crawl…..a very slow crawl  I felt awful…all the time.

I had every excuse in the book.  At the time, they didn’t feel like excuses…they felt more like reasons.  I was stressed out.  I was working two jobs.  I was too tired.  I didn’t have…

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Welcome the haters!

A strong post from a strong woman.

ALL IN with Professor Maja

Do you know any haters? Ever feel badly about yourself or your dreams because of the haters? Let me explain something about haters. Haters are gonna’ hate. That’s their job. Some haters will turn their hate to envy then eventually admiration and they’ll become your biggest supporters. But many will continue to hate on you.

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