Grouchy or Happy

I woke up sad this morning. I have been waking up last night at regular and irregular intervals to see if my post of yesterday, ” My Blog Friends” had had someone having commented on it. Honestly, I thought there would be at least 10 comments from the 10 friends.:)

I thought I had written a good post, one from my heart and written with all sincerity but no, zilch- no comments. I enjoy getting people to comment on my posts, my writing, my view points etc.., but no, just one comment, from one friend.

I went to some of the posts written by one of my friends and even tried to direct them to my post, so they could read the “good things” I had written. I was disappointed.

But today, I am laughing at my own frivolousness, my vanity, my pride. It is me and not my friends. I expected too much out of my writing. I guess, this is how writers feel when something they have written does not bring about the response, they expected.

I heard a joke this morning on a motivational video I listened to.

” A man went to a restaurant and asked the waitress, ” Do you serve crabs?”. The waitress told him, “Sit down, mister. We serve anybody”. 🙂

” A woman was asked, ” Do you wake up grouchy?”, She replied,” No, I let him sleep”.

When you hear jokes like that or think about babies who are happy no matter what. Happiness is what I make out of my life and what I choose to me and I choose to be happy today.

I am thankful for my friends, blogging and otherwise.