11 Powerful Quotes On Failure That Will Inspire You To Succeed

About failure and success.

Energize Your Thoughts

Don't Fear Failure Failure is part of the process of success.

How do you view failure? Do you see failure as a full stop (.) or a comma (,)? If you see failure as a dead end you’ll stop but if you see it as a detour ( a pause) – you already know that there is more.

You may have heard or read that no great success was ever achieved without some form of failure and if you have studied those at the top of their chosen field you’ll realize it’s true. Therefore, if you can look at failure as a stepping stone to greater success (a comma) and not as a dead end (a full stop) you’ll be well on your way to achieve the goal you have set out to accomplish. You have heard that story about Thomas Edison and so many others and what they found within themselves to keep going is also in you.

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