The mid 40’s changes

I turned 46 a couple of weeks back.

How do I feel ?

I do not enjoy reading quite so much as before, simply because I require to look for my reading glasses and put them on before I read and that takes half the enjoyment of reading away for me.

Teacher with glasses

My monthlies come at all odd times, totally unpredictably, sometimes high, sometimes low but mostly unannounced.


I seem to notice more grey hair popping up on my head that grows back grey even after being pulled out by the root. A hair dresser I went to, when I was 31 told me, I had so much grey hair, I needed colouring. Thankfully it didn’t come to that and I have still quite a bit of black on my scalp and its all natural :).


I have plantar fasciitis, pain in the sole of my left foot and my foot lets me know it exists because I am not allowed to put my foot down, in my mouth or otherwise, because of the sharp shooting pain I feel. I have taken to wearing very high heeled shoes, contrary to my usual disposition, because I think high heeled shoes make my foot pain less. Try it !


I am more interested in housewifely chores and try to keep my house clean, a trait I didn’t have when I was younger.

Also I have stopped watching Television.

On an emotional front, things that used to bother me don’t bother me in quite the way, they used to when I was younger. For example, seeing a dead cat or a dog on the street would have brought out a few tears for them, when I was younger but now I think, thank God they are gone- they don’t have to live in this horrible world. And the same when I hear about someone dying. Have I become callous or unfeeling ? Its not that, I think. I want all living things to live happily and for as long as they could but would not for anything , wish the world as it now stands on any living being.


I know now that all things will pass- when I was younger, disaster brought a feeling of doom- how this might not ever go away but I know now, if I take a deep breath and not do anything about it for a couple of days, that  “thing” that bothers me will either go away or cease to bother me any more.

But one thing never changes- I hate any sort of injustice, be it bullying, ragging, suppressing or any other sort of coercion exercised by one living thing on another, i hated it when I was young and I hate it with a stronger ferocity now.

GMO Foods

Donna of Homemade Naturally has shared this post on Genetically Modified things we consume every day. It should make us aware of what goes on around us in the name of growing more crops and producing more food.

homemade naturally

This is just part of an article from Mother Earth living and if you are interested it is a long one this is the link

The Truth About GMOs Genetically modified foods are likely in your family’s diet. Learn about the potential harms of controversial GM foods and how you can identify GMOs—and avoid them—in the supermarket.

By Tabitha Alterman

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