Time off from blogging

I have been taking time off to gather writing material. Ahem, I didn’t have anything to write about.

Writer thinking

So I did the next best think I could think of. I decided to take a few days off, catching up on house  and other work, which I had placed on the back burner.

Back burner-1

My husband is off travelling for three weeks, so its just my daughter and I here. I have given the domestic help a time off- so I could get some time to recuperate from the intrusions in my life. Now that I am free for a couple of weeks, I am catching up with :

1. Keeping my clothes organised. I am a poor and sloppy housekeeper, preferring to let others do my laundry for me. It reached such a stage that I couldn’t find my own clothes, when I opened my cupboard on a working day.


So this is what I have been doing. I have a neat closet now and I can find most of my things except, my clothes  don’t all fit into my one cupboard and they are resting in various baskets till I find out what to do with them. I will need to get them out of the way before hubby dear returns.

Laundry basket with folded clothes over white background
Laundry basket with folded clothes

2. Since I didn’t have anything to write about, I studied for my upcoming exam. I found a Facebook group that actually discusses questions that are asked and I joined up- so each day I have  reading to do  and then trying to find out the answers to those questions posted.

Facebook questions

And I have been reading up for the September exam. It is rather difficult with summer catching up,  my brains working up and middle aged blues hitting me- but this group has enthused me to try on. My memory is playing games with me too.


We have a couple of books to read and some regulations to look up, made all the more hard, when the examinee( myself) does not belong to the country whose regulations we are being quizzed on.

Questions -1

3. Re-learning Maths and Science : I have been borrowing books from the library, so that I can catch up with Physics, Maths and Chemistry- my poor daughter who is with me, through her summer, has a lot of homework to catch up on and together we are trying to unlock the mysteries of physical theories, Mathematical equations and Chemical Reactions. Yesterday, we learnt to read the Clarks’ tables and today we are going to try and learn Integration, to integrate this into solving numericals in Physics.


Most of the time, daughter and I are left scratching our heads.


4. Reading blog posts : And finally, I have been reading- seriously- blog posts. Blogs that appear on my Reader list and others. I have made a lot of new friends. A few of them are

a. Putting my Feet in the Dirt : A blog about great thoughts and adventures in life.
b. Emovere : A writer who is trying to explore her talent and her work, through the daily blogging exercise.
c. SITE FOR CREATIVE SOLUTIONS : Dr. Roberta gives insight here on how to deal with the various abusive relationships we all endure in our lives. Her solutions are innovative and her reflections, true-to-life.
d. Amitav Chowdhury : A blog about Amitav’s life and his journey through his life and his thoughts – he has beautiful photographs on his blog and writes with a wonderful hand.
e. the pARTy planning : Check out cool recipes and great party planning tips on this blog.
f. See Fleck Run : A funny blog where the writer tells about her experiences with running and the writing is so funny. i love especially the cool cartoons and stick figures that accompany her blog.
g. Aromas and Flavors from my Kitchen : A delicious blog about food and recipes, written with a traditional touch and reminisces
h. TheKingsKidChronicles : A writer who loves her work and her life as a writer.
i. reubenkerrlostsonsreturning : Oh, oh, this is such an interesting blog- check it out and see for yourself.
j . purpleslobinrecovery : The life and journey of a woman like me- the difference is, she sees humour in her life, while I try but don’t always succeed. Over the last week, we connected so many times, and I think I have made a friend.
k . izzyasabee: Izzy is a writer, who loves to put her life into words. I am learning and reading.
l. ladylongisland : This writer shares her life on Long Island and her writing often goes to her travels and her extended family, which I so enjoy.
m. Orbb’s Fashion : A fashion blog with reviews written simply and so colourfully. Check this out.
n. acancersworld : The life of a woman who is making changes and is succeeding so well. She writes about her challenges and her changes.

o. The Krystol Meth(od) ; Krystol is a writer and a student too. She has published a couple of books ( which I need to check out) and most endearingly, she is an academic and like me, loves learning.
p. anewperspectiveperhaps :  i enjoyed reading about her Mexico life and her sunny blog is a reflection of her sunny nature.
q. FärgaregårdsAnna – Annas Art : Anna is such a regular posts, that it seems I have just read one colourful post before the next one is out. She loves her art and she blogs in two languages, which is intriguing to me.
r. Advocate for Invisible Illness!: Tessa has gone through so much and yet, she has so much to give- positivity, courage and enthusiasm. I look forward to learning a lot from her.
s. Deanne’s World: Deanne has wonderful photographs and little poems to illustrate the photos.

Now I am off to the start of another day. Enjoy your Sunday, friends.

18 thoughts on “Time off from blogging

  1. oh my gosh, thank you so much for the mention ❤ & I totally understand the homework thing, while I don't have kids of my own I try to help my youngest sister, nieces & nephew through their's, I wish you the best of fortune in that endeavor! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for writing in. I enjoy visiting your site and wishing often that I could afford to buy the things you featured and reviewed.
      Maybe sometime in the future.
      Have a wonderful holiday !

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mary- to tell you the truth, on my various blog trips and journeys( longer ones, when I read more than one blog post), I didn’t read any of yours. Did
      I miss something ?


      1. Then I have to say, welcome to my world. I am amazed at the wonderful posts people write and the ideas they use to develop a wonderful piece- all I can say is I have a long way to go.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Kathy,
      Thank you for reading. How have you been ? How was your sunday ? Any more travels/adventures ?
      I am reading your posts, though I don’t comment often, because sometimes no words can do justice to great words and thoughts or pictures.


  2. I too am drawn to my closet whenever I have the time to tidy it up. Keeping the house clean and organized is something that I like doing not on a daily basis but weekly basis, but closets drive me crazy. No matter how much you tidy the space it just doesn’t stay the same (for even a while).
    Thanks for the mention Susie. 🙂

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  3. You’re accomplishing more than most! If you need organizing tips, you might want to check out my flipboard on Personal Organization–go to flipboard.com and type Dr Linda L Labin in the search box.
    I’ve been off the net due to pain issues, so I apologize for not answering your comment sooner. If you want to buy my books, just go to amazon.com (or the UK equivalent if you’re there), choose books or ebooks and type my name in the search box. Hope you enjoy them! Glad things are going better for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Dr. Linda for the care and support. I am sorry that you have not been keeping well but hope you are better now( guessing because you are writing again).
      I went to Flip Board and created an account there( never knew there was anything like this before)- then found Dr. Linda L Labin and followed her too. But am confused now, as to where the personal organization is ?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If you found me on flipboard, great. I have 20 or so magazines, one of which is called “Personal Organization.” If you type my name and that title into the search box, it should take you to my collection of organizing tips. I also have a “How To” magazine that tells you how to do tons of things. Let me know if you still can’t find it. Flipboard doesn’t send you notices like wordpress, but if you go to the 1st page on fb, there should be a tab like “mags I follow” or something like that. Click or clip and my profile should appear, along with tiny mags. click to view each, hit the follow button for the mags of interest.


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