The mad hunt

What makes man kill for pleasure ? I am thinking about this when I read about a medical professional killing one of the  rare species of lion in Africa. We, who take the pledge of preserving life, focus on just human lives and forget that we are to take care of other living beings too.

Big Time Texas Hunt at Black Gap WMA
Big Time Texas Hunt at Black Gap WMA( from google images)

Aren’t animal lives’ of any consequence ? And social media isn’t helping too. A lot of publicity attained- this can be called either negative or positive publicity, depending on which side we look at this from.

Lions, tigers, dogs, cats, horses, snakes, in fact every plant and animal has a right to live and survive in this world. I wonder if it should be in our hands to cut their lives short.

My heart is saddened by this incident and I wonder if there is more to come and also about the incidents we know nothing about.

The same is true for the human race who persecute other humans, either at school or at work or in a public transport system. Who gives man the right to control other human beings or other lives, for that matter ? Being placed at the top of the evolutionary hierarchy -don’t our responsibilities to ourselves, our fellow men and our neighbors ( human or not) increase exponentially ?

Shouldn’t we care more for our fellow beings ?

What do you think ? Why does man have an inherent cruel streak in him ? Is it a remnant of the old survival instinct of man, that helped him as a hunter- gatherer and later on as an agriculturist ?