The mad hunt

What makes man kill for pleasure ? I am thinking about this when I read about a medical professional killing one of the  rare species of lion in Africa. We, who take the pledge of preserving life, focus on just human lives and forget that we are to take care of other living beings too.

Big Time Texas Hunt at Black Gap WMA
Big Time Texas Hunt at Black Gap WMA( from google images)

Aren’t animal lives’ of any consequence ? And social media isn’t helping too. A lot of publicity attained- this can be called either negative or positive publicity, depending on which side we look at this from.

Lions, tigers, dogs, cats, horses, snakes, in fact every plant and animal has a right to live and survive in this world. I wonder if it should be in our hands to cut their lives short.

My heart is saddened by this incident and I wonder if there is more to come and also about the incidents we know nothing about.

The same is true for the human race who persecute other humans, either at school or at work or in a public transport system. Who gives man the right to control other human beings or other lives, for that matter ? Being placed at the top of the evolutionary hierarchy -don’t our responsibilities to ourselves, our fellow men and our neighbors ( human or not) increase exponentially ?

Shouldn’t we care more for our fellow beings ?

What do you think ? Why does man have an inherent cruel streak in him ? Is it a remnant of the old survival instinct of man, that helped him as a hunter- gatherer and later on as an agriculturist ?

20 thoughts on “The mad hunt

  1. You have raised an issue which needs voices to lay opinions. Man has harmed enough due to his greed and basic instincts. What pleasure he must be getting to kill innocent creatures? And we called ourselves superior race, huh !

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  2. Yes, Rashmi. My eyes filled with tears thinking of the poor 13 year old lion, which for a change had been taken care of by people, and who was betrayed by one of its keepers. And killed by a dentist !
    What a waste !

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  3. serenaglow says:

    I have hunted in my life, in Africa, about 30 times. I don’t do it anymore but when I did it I understood the ecological system. And what people don’t understand about hunting… Professional hunting… Not poaching… There is a difference… Is that hunters work within specific guidelines and work with wildlife conservation organizations to maintain a healthy balance. If hunters didn’t kill those animals, they would have to be culled in order for animals and humans to live in the same ecological system. xxSerena

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    1. Serena,
      This is a new perspective- thank you for sharing ! I have always at least in my mind, always judged anyone who hunted for pleasure but honestly have never judged poachers for some reason- maybe misguided information on my part.
      Thanks for sharing this, again !

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      1. serenaglow says:

        I think most professional hunters love wildlife and the bush more than normal people. They understand life and death and its role in maintaining the environment they love and live to be a part of ❤️

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  4. My husband has hunted. It is what he chooses to do for relaxation and to spend time with his friends.
    Sometimes he has a successful hunt sometimes he does not. When it is successful, we get to eat something besides chicken, beef or pork. Even when unsuccessful, he still got to spend a week roaming the woods, enjoying all that it offers.
    What that dentist did is not hunting.

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  5. Humans as a whole are a bunch of jerks. We like to think the rules apply to everyone else and never ourselves. We’re cruel because we think it proves that we’re better than our victims, but we aren’t.

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  6. We can’t leave our beast behind…we don’t need it but we indulge it and pretend that the beast is all there is to us–it allows us to justify behaving like the savage animals that we no longer have to be.

    If we used reason we would not torture each other, delude ourselves into thinking we can buy and sell the earth, and create artificial scarcity so that the most vicious among us can sit at the top of a non-existent class system based on hoarding.

    A beast killed a creature more noble than he..

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      1. Yes,,,and it places the survival of thousands of years of evolution at risk. We take the miraculous for granted and treat it like a product. My partner was musing over how the different cells of the body differentiate and co-operate. I replied that the body is a perfect example of the co-operative sharing of resources for a common purpose. The body sickens and dies when the cells stop co-operating (cancer for instance) or when it is invaded by a poisonous predator (HIV) I think that that we are the eyes and ears of the universe. That we are here to do more than shop and murder each other and the planet that supports us.

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  7. I think you hit the nail on the head in your last paragraph. We spent thousands of years as primitive people on the brink of starvation, fighting for resources. It hasn’t been that long that killing has been seen as a crime, and in fact, as a species we still do an awful lot of killing despite the ability to reason. Hopefully someday we will evolve beyond those animalistic instincts. 🙂

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  8. A really touchy question given the prioritization given to social media and political correctness, I feel… No, I cannot condone the treachery under which this dentist proceeded but in general, people living in the most basic habitats MUST hunt for survival or to complement what they have growing in their fields. I saw that first hand on Leyte just a couple of weeks ago.

    I certainly abhor murder – especially when its driven by cultivated hate… like thugs who shoot policemen. Even then, it depends on which side the cultivation occurred.


    1. But shooting an animal in the wild, for fun ? As I understand, it was not for food. I agree killing people during war, may not be looked on as murder in war time but it will certainly be murder in peace time. It certainly depends on the circumstances and the time period and the judgement call at that time. Great comment.


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