Hitting 90 and going strong

Weighed myself this morning and the scales show me tipping them at 90 kgs. Now that is a lot of weight for a woman to carry around. The funny thing is, when I look in the mirror, I can’t see where all the 90 kgs is stored on me.

weighty woman

I don’t think my cheeks are any rounder nor my chin. My neck is as thin as it should be and there are no extra folds of skin that I can see. Now where is all that fat on me ?

woman looking in mirror

The only way I know I am fat and have gained a lot of weight is because my clothes don’t fit me any more. I have needed new tops because the old ones are a little tight around the arms.


For some reason I tend to put on weight on my hands and my wrists and perhaps even my tummy and my back.  So I had new blouses and tops – I consoled myself saying, I needed the new clothes because I am working once again and need to look good. Its not like when I was staying at home- people look at you and I need people to admire me .


And then my preferences starting changing I have started recently to like wearing trousers with elastic holding them up- no more do I love those with hooks or buttons or zippers- they are totally out of date. I have invested in new “tights”, loose trousers which can be tied up in the middle and so on but elastic is my new friend.

trousers no no trousers with elastic

And so this morning, I stand at 90 kgs.

I need to bring some accountability into my life. I have indulged in some sweets, well, on occasion. I thought no one would know. eating-sweets-300x300The sad thing is my body knows and it shows it- on the weighing scale.

Also my sedentary job is not so good for my  behind, it seems to be making it more round and ample.

Now I have a few resolutions and I am enlisting support from my online community to help me keep them.

  1. Eat healthy- ( if possible) at all times.
  2. Ignore hunger pangs- ( at least sometimes)- after all your 16 year old daughter does it so very well on her school days.
  3. Look away and say no to sweets- my number one enemy.

Sweet temptations no no

4. And next in line but very importantly, start moving. Try to move at least two rounds around my university every hour. That should be enough of exercise to keep me moving through the day.

5. Stop worrying about things outside my control- I have a habit of pathologically worrying about my weight and I have been doing things ever since I can remember – maybe, since my 10th year.
I am sure the worry itself is fattening.

stop worrying

6. And last but not the least, keep up with my resolutions- I am victim to another not-so-good habit and that is back tracking- when things don’t go my way- I give up.  I need to keep going on.

Hopefully by the end of August, I will be 2 kgs down- and the scales will show a 88kgs.

Is it wishful thinking ? Share your thoughts- can I do it ?

29 thoughts on “Hitting 90 and going strong

    1. As to physical health, I find it difficult to climb stairs with all this extra weight my body has to carry along. But it is not the right weight for my physique and for my psyche too. I worry about it constantly, so I need to do something about it. 🙂
      Thank you for writing in.

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    1. Thanks Rashmi- I am rather tall and so I guess it doesn’t show but I feel it, all over, especially when I sit down and buttons feel like they are going to pop- as to health, I suspect my plantar fasciitis is directly related to my weight. I will try to hold on to my resolutions- keep encouraging me.

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  1. Hallo die Damen, wer es nicht schafft von seinen Gewohnheiten abzukommen und Jahre mit seinen Pfunden kämpft, viel zu wenig Zeit hat um regelmässig in ein Sportcenter zu rennen. Den Popo nicht hochbekommt ein paar extra Runden ums Haus zu rennen (schnell gehen) Oder vielleicht angestrebte Diäten, gesündere Essgewohnheiten nicht auf der Arbeit weiterverfolgen kann, bleibt meist auf seinen Pfunden sitzen.
    Lasst Euch eine kurze Zeit begleiten. Holt Euch Hilfe , zB. Stundenweise aber regelmässig bis Ihr so weit seit ohne Hilfe weiter zu machen.
    Ich betreue regelmässig ein zwei Damen, die ich morgens schon belästige ( sie ist besonders morgens etwas lustlos) richte mit Ihr ein gesundes Frühstück, danach trainiert Sie 10 Minuten nach meinen Vorgaben und kann duschen gehen, sich richten. Hier ist wichtig eine gewisse Routine reinzubringen immer ein wenig Zeit für sich zu haben ( dafür lieber eine halbe Stunde früher aufstehen) Mit einem zufriedenen Gefühl arbeiten zu gehen oder den Alltag zu starten.
    Das sieht so aus;)
    6 Uhr klingel ich sturm.
    Kaffee trinken, die Lage kurz besprechen, Einkaufsliste für die nächsten Tage besprechen( Sie muss einkaufen um auch später ganz Automatisch auf gesunde Lebensmittel zu achten) und los gehts.
    10 Minuten effektives Training für Bauch, Beine, Po. 😉 manchmal werden daraus auch 15 Minuten.
    5Min. duschen, 10 bis 15 Min. sich zurecht machen. In dieser Zeit richte ich ihr ein gesundes Essen, Salat zum mitnehmen, Gemüse frisch und Obst.
    Weg bin ich.
    Jeh nach Absprache komme ich am Abend nach der Arbeit zum laufen, sporteln. Ca 3-4 mal die Woche
    Das kostet ein wenig aber nur solang bis man das alles verinnerlicht hat, dabei bleiben kann ohne Hilfe, das geht meist schnell. Hier kommt es nicht darauf an schnell 10 Kilo abzunehmen, langsam und beständig ist viel wichtiger und gesünder, sich wieder wohl zu fühlen, den Tag stressfrei engegen zu gehen ist wohl das gesündeste was wir uns gönnen sollten.
    Liebe Grüße aus Stuttgart

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  2. You can do it! I have faith in you.

    But I do have a suggestion–maybe work up to two rounds an hour. Too big a change all at once can be discouraging.


  3. Yes you can and I will make it my goal too. Because with all the family that has been visiting (very happy they have ) but have not exercised walked enough and way too many sweets . I need to haveHelp so will check in at the end of august and hope we both have lost


  4. Susie! I can sense a bit of desperation and helplessness. But there’s only so much you can do, isn’t it? You can’t stop eating. Exercise also requires energy that can come only from eating. Eating right food periodically in small amounts may help. Plus of course moving around and not being sedentary.

    ‘Now where is all the fat on me?’ – Your question answers it for you.
    As you say, it’s your wrist/hands and tummy, it could be fluid retention that can be taken care of.
    If your cheeks, chin and general look is fine, then I would say, possibly some people have heavy bones. Moreover as you say you are tall. Check your Body Mass Index if that’s ok or not.

    That said, putting on weight or not putting on weight is often genetic. Some people are skinny although they have never been to a gym, they cook a lot, eat a lot, and worry a lot. Worry…yes that is the culprit 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I am worrying about my exam in September, worrying about whether my daughter will finish her study portions before the first week of September, worried about whether my husband and I can relocate back to our own place and so what we like, worried about my dream coming true- a degree from Harvard – so many worries- so little time to get things done. I agree, worry may be the cause of my anxiety and the weight gain,
      Thanks Alka for cheering me up- I need friends like you !


      1. With so many issues in mind and less time in hand, the best thing to do is to prioritize.
        Which of these problems is of utmost importance to you? Tackle that first in your best possible manner. Divide your day into big or small portions devoted to each of these issues. Deal with your own problems, let your daughter deal with hers
        But look who’s talking. I need to apply all these to my own life 🙂


  5. Forget the weight. Forget what the scales say. It is just a number and you are more than just a number.
    What matters is how fresh and energetic you feel. How happy you are. How soundly are you sleeping. Take care of nutrition and love your body. Work out for three hours a week. Stay hydrated. And smile a lot 🙂 A lifestyle is what will make the clothes of a smaller size fit and not punishing your body who has been supporting you so lovingly.

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    1. Prajakta, thank you for writing in- you have brought positivity into my fight against the weight number. I need to get it down and I will keep smiling through this battle. Now I got to run, because it is time for me to take my walk.

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    1. Thanks a lot- how have you been doing ? No news from you for so long- really missed talking to you.
      PS : Do you have a good waffle recipe – I am not American, so I don’t and my daughter is not satisfied with the recipe she found online and tried out- she says they taste different from the restaurant ones.

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      1. Hi Susie, Oh I’ve had a time of it. Major computer malfunctioning…fixed it today. Took me a week to figure it all out. I’ve been able to use my husband’s computer a bit in the meantime. I don’t make waffles that much, but I will look them up in my recipe books and reply with one. I don’t know if I can do it until Thursday…grandsons coming over tomorrow and they like to use my computer. I’ll give it a try though. 🙂

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  6. Hi Susie, It took me so many tries to get this crazy computer working right…think I have it going okay now. Here’s the recipe in my cookbook. I don’t make them all that much, but they turn out well. Have you ever had waffles and ice cream? Make the waffles, place a dip of vanilla ice cream between them, squish down a bit, and sprinkle a bit of powdered sugar over the top. Very good.


    1 or 2 eggs
    7/8 cup milk
    1 tbsp oil
    1 cup flour (white or whole wheat or a mixture of the two)
    1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
    If you want them sweeter, add a bit of sugar.

    Put all ingredients in a bowl, liquids first, and mix. Don’t over mix, lumpy batter is okay for pancakes and waffles. Add a little more milk or flour to get the right consistency. Make according to your waffle iron instructions. Hope it works for you Susie! Have a great day. Kathy

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  7. Love your goals, but I have to have my desserts. Growing up, it was something my Mom enjoyed cooking. I only eat small portions. If you have dessert from a restaurant, eat some now and some later. That way you can get a lot of enjoyment from the one dessert.


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