Will we see our pets again ?

I was reading a Guideposts article on ” do pets go to heaven”? and I wanted to write this post. What do you believe ?

Will we meet our furry friends again ? Can we tell them how much we love them and they are still in our memories ? Or have they all turned to dust ?

I connect more to animals than to human beings, I feel. I can spend hours with them when I sick of human company after short periods of time. They are good for a hug, a kiss or a cry over. They stand by you through thick and thin. They are our best friends for ever and I believe that is true, literally.

When we cross over to wherever our permanent abode is, I believe we will find our pets or the animals we met during life waiting for us.

What do you believe ?pet-dog-cat

14 thoughts on “Will we see our pets again ?

  1. I believe that humans are different from all other created beings. We were made in the image of God. We have a spirit. We can be born again to become children of God. Pets do not have those things.

    However, I also believe that God is loving and kind. Heaven is real. When Jesus comes again, there will be a New Heaven, New Earth and New Jerusalem. I can’t imagine them without our furry and feathered friends!

    Part of God’s creation includes the beauty of the variety found in nature. I look forward to seeing the New Earth without sin, death, violence or pollution. I look forward to exploring it with my favorite pets.

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  2. In a way, I already do; I dream about my first two rats all the time. I will wake up and realize, oh, right, they aren’t alive anymore. But in my dream, they were very real. It’s like their way of stopping by to check on me.

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  3. Good question, Susie. I know a lot of ‘religious’ people deny heaven to animals, but I disagree. God created all life, and I believe all pets go to heaven. If I get to go to heaven when I die, God must know that my pets (especially my doggies) have been the only beings in my life who have given me unconditional love, devotion, and fidelity. They taught me so much as a child, about patience, moments of being, compassion, and joy. I believe God gives us pets to enrich our lives, so I hope He lets them go to heaven, too. It wouldn’t be heaven without them. And because I believe in the mercy and compassion of our Lord, I think He will accept them as He accepts me. If not, I want to go where all my old pets have gone.

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  4. Hi Susie, A few years ago we lost a cat to feline urinary tract disease. I was devastated. He was a very affectionate cat, always seeking out my lap, and he was only four years old. We tried all kinds of operations and medicines, but he could not be saved. On the way home, after losing him, I cried, and I heard within me the wonderful promise of Jesus in the New Testament. “I go to prepare a place for you.” And I knew, that it was a promise that someday, that heavenly place he prepared for me would also have the sweet spirit of all the cats and dogs I have loved. So yes…if heaven is filled with good things, better than we can ever imagine, I think the love we have for our animals will live on in some way. I’m glad to spend these few moments with you today Susie. God bless.


    1. Love you Kathy and for all your kind words. I cherish them through my day. Happy Sunday ! Share with me what you heard during the sermon today- its been a long time since I heard one and I feel like I need one today.

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      1. Susie, thank you…you lifted my spirits. I am having a hard time about something today, not me personally, but someone in my family, and that is always the worst. My sermons were in the songs I posted in my blog post. It is a testimony to how people ALL over the world love God. I am hoping to find more of these songs over the next few weeks. I feel this September of 2015 we all need to be reminded how GREAT our GOD is…thanks Susie for lifting me up. 😀


      2. Kathy, how are you > Did you have a good week . I hope and pray the hard times have passed and you are in good spirits again. Any visit to the Longwood gardens this summer or is it fall already over there ?
        I have been off the net for some time, preparing for an exam- so I have not been keeping up to date with a lot of posts.
        Blessed Sunday !

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      3. Hi Susie, I am just seeing this post today. Yes, I had a good week, but the sad, hard thing, not my own…but someone close to me has not changed. God is in his heaven though, and I have faith in him. I actually go to Longwood more in the autumn, winter and spring. Summertime it is very large and the walking very hot, so I usually just enjoy my own gardens in the summer. I would have liked to see the light exhibit, but there is still time, so perhaps we will get there. It is a long drive, and we never want to drive those steep hills in the area at night. We live and drive on the other side of the Delaware river and it is very flat. I am never happy driving or being on high hills. Silly I know…but it’s me. Thanks Susie! Have a lovely day. Good luck on your exams.


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