When childhood ends

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “When Childhood Ends.”

I think childhood officially ended for me, when I went to hostel and felt all alone with no where for me to put my head on. I saw all my childhood and adolescent dreams come crashing down and knew that what we thought life would be and what life actually was, were two different things.

I also learnt that there were people who could look through you and pass you by in life, even if you were right in their path. There was a way that people who didn’t want to meet you or talk to you could pass you by, as though you were a stone pillar in their way.

There are people who are so different from your family, your people, who talked, dressed, even thought differently from what you were used to.

When this realisation came to me, I grew up. A child’s world is so different from an adult’s world.

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