How I Ate This Weekend. Dieters Beware. Triple XXX Rating.

I started reading this blog today. I have struggled with my weight almost all through my life and I found someone else who had and who conquered it. I think her journey is an inspiration and would love to share with my readers.

Talking to My Weight Loss Counselor-God!

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will guide you with My eye. Psalm 32:8 NKJV


Last week a friend asked how I ate. I tried to answer her questions. She wanted more information. I thought a picture is worth 1,000 words, so I’ll just take pictures of my food.

Disclaimer: I apologize to all who eat clean, carb free, or follow diet rules. These food pictures don’t fit any of those plans. This is how God instructed me to eat. I’ve lost 87 pounds,  gone from a size 18/20 pants to size 10 pants and from size X-L /14-18 tops to size S/6-10 tops. Wow!

IMG_1207 Taken May 2013, weighing 241.

I’ve failed every diet I tried with 41 years of failure. My first paid weight loss group was in 1974. We ate tuna fish 5x a week. Yuck. It’s amazing what we do to lose weight. I never tried surgery…

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Groggy in the morning

Waking up in the morning ( 4 a.m) is a habit with me- I wake up with the morning call of the muezzin. It is difficult and I often wish I could have an extra hour in bed, but this is not to be. I wake up this early in order to make a  hot breakfast and a hot lunch( which will be eaten cold) and pack lunches for people who need it to eat in school or at work. All this will take about an hour of cooking and readying time.

This morning I woke up as usual but with so much of grogginess, it was as if some one had driven a stone into my head. Heaviness, stoniness——— but went through the entire breakfast-lunch routine as though there was nothing wrong.


After the early morning travelers left home with their breakfasts inside them and their lunches in their bags or hands, I decided to watch some TV until some more of lunch got made and until it was time for me to go to work. An hour later, found me propped in front of the TV, not watching but wishing there was some way I could go later to work.

I made some maca powder drink, sweetening it up for good measure( plain maca makes me puke) but things didn’t get much better.

Finally I sent an email to my supervisor and told her I would be late in to work, as I had not had enough sleep. Then I went back to bed trying to catch up on some shut-eye, so I could be fresh for work.

I think I managed to sleep for about 45 minutes before I had a bladder call. That woke me up but the grogginess remained. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so decided to shower. After the shower, the grogginess continued and finally I forced myself to drive to work, late and groggy as ever.

What is wrong ?

Is it my menopause or age catching up with me ?

Is it some sort of stress ?

Or am I just depressed ?

morning grogginess

My Prized Possessions

Beautiful and meaningful poem by Alka of Magnanimous Words.

Magnanimous Word


My little Smiles and Laughter
Lucrative gems that sparkle
Happiness they scatter
Alter moods, of one and all.

Memories – good and bad
Jewels that forever shine
Childhood, youth, family, friends
Homes and precious faces gone

Creative moments spent
Writing fine words and rhymes
Listening to and singing
Favorite classy golden songs

Life – a necklace of pearls
Each life breath counts
For as life seconds tick by
All valuables are gone


My response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt:  Pride and Joy
‘What’s your most prized possession?’

Copyright © 2015 Alka Girdhar

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10 steps to better eating : the mental approach

An inspiring post on diet and lifestyle changes.

PumpUp Blog


This is a post published by PumpUp member @coachmelissa. Check out her website at 

Clear your mind of can?t. I believe that you can eat your way to a beach-ready body for the summer. Trimming off those extra holiday pounds might be a hurdle and a half, but don?t give up now! 

Be patient and follow these 10 steps 

1. SET PRESENT-TENSE GOALS! It all starts by having clear and realistic goals. Write a list of things you want to change about your diet. Incorporate goals that you have for your body and plan your new lifestyle around those objectives. How to do it? Set present, short them and long term goals. Write in the present tense. Pin it up somewhere in your house: a place you know you won?t be able to avoid (like the fridge). Take it one goal at a time. Take your time to achieve your goals…

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Bloggers Meet & Greet

Partying Australian style—-

A Momma's View

It’s mid October, Canadian Thanksgiving has passed and the American is approaching fast (well, yes it is kind of…). Down here in Australia we’ve been blessed with some amazing weather once more and in a true Aussie spirit it’s time to crank up the Barbie and put some shrimps on it!

No… not like that! More like this:

And while they are sizzling along I thought we can have a nice catch up! So let’s party blog style!

The rules are easy:

  • Comment on this post and introduce your blog in a short sentence
  • Put the link to your blog in your comment so people can check it out
  • Put a link to a post in the comment that especially touched you (can be one of your posts but can also be a post of another blogger)
  • Check out at least 3 of the other bloggers that have left a…

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