My good friend Melinda from purpleslobinrecovery has set me a challenge to write up three quotes I love.

It is my first challenge in this category. Thank you, Melinda.

Melinda loves purple and every thing that comes purple. She is funny and sweet and is a good friend. Above all, she follows the Good Book to the T in her life.

And old rhyme that is funny and sweet at the same time and so meaningful :

” Better never trouble Trouble,

Until Trouble troubles you;

For you only make your trouble,

Double if you do.

And the trouble- like a bubble-

That you’re troubling about,

May be nothing but a cipher

With its rim rubbed out.”

Isn’t this meaningful ? Why do we worry about things that haven’t happened yet ? The fact is I need to learn to appreciate today for its blessings and thank God for the experiences of yesterday. The most important thing is I got through yesterday and I have today to do my best in. Wonderful philosophy, isn’t it ?