3 day quote challenge- Day 3 ( posed by purpleslobinrecovery)


Melinda has posed me a challenge to post three quotes that have inspired my life.

Today is day 3 of the challenge.

Here’s my quote for today:

” A hammer shatters glass but forges steel.”

Each of life’s experiences teaches us something and as we move forward those lessons learnt or unlearnt, will make us who we are. If we choose to give in to trouble( and trouble comes to everyone), we will be like the glass that is shattered by the hammer but if we choose to remain strong through the storm, we will emerge victorious.

Thank you Melinda.

9 thoughts on “3 day quote challenge- Day 3 ( posed by purpleslobinrecovery)

      1. Rashmi, I read your posts and am happy that you are on a journey to self- discovery. I have this about two years back when I gave up my job and then when I was down and out, I got to know who my real friends were- even my husband stopped respecting me for my decisions during this difficult period of time and so I got to know that when we are in need of support there are very few people out there, who understand. At that time, my blog friends, whom I have never seen, supported me and gave me solace.

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