Nancy Drew

Don’t ask me why but recently when I was laid up and sick for about 2 weeks, I wanted to read simple and uncomplicated stories. I picked up the “Fourth Estate”  by Jeffrey Archer and the “Child left behind” by Anne Bennet but neither of them gave me that satisfaction that a Pink Whistle or a Famous Five ( Enid Blyton) book could have given me and I was too sick to think of going to a book shop and looking for books with innocence( is what I like to call them).

Finally about a week into my convalescence, I went to the local grocery store book section and found some of my childhood favourite series of books- Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene. I  used to love these books growing up but never have read the complete series- these books were often not available where I lived.

So I was thrilled to find four books I hadn’t read as a child.

The clue of the tapping heals

The secret of Red Gate farm

The mystery of the tolling bell ( I have the faintest memory of having read something like this book as a child)

I bought all three of them though they were very expensive- I couldn’t resist the temptation and read to my heart’s content.

Set in the 1930s, the book transported me into an old world of simplicity, innocence, adventure and even love. These books are just what a convalescent patient requires, believe me.

The clue of the tapping heels is about a house Nancy and her friends, Bess and George are invited into, where the house seems to be haunted by the sound of tapping on the walls and perhaps a poltergeist.

The secret of Red Gate Farm is about how Nancy and her friends helped a young country girl, Joanne who came to the city in search of a job, which would help her repay the mortgage on her grandmother’s farm. Nancy helped Joanne in a way I think no one can even think of in today’s world and also assisted in helping Joanne’s grandmother keep her farm.

The Mystery of the Tolling Bell, is about Nancy’s visit with her friends to Candleton, a seaside resort place where there is a mysterious bell that tolls in a cave, just before a deluge of water pours out of the cave, often drowning people in its wake. There is also the sinister group who sells fake cosmetics and stock in the cosmetic company, and relieve  lots of local residents from their money.

I think I am still a child at heart and perhaps my growth ( mental) was stopped sometime in childhood and I haven’t grown much beyond that. How else can you explain my fascination for books I read as a child even in my mid- 40s ?

The fourth estate

The mystery of the tolling bell The secret of red gate farm The clue of the tapping heels