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After my incident with the steaming hot water, where I lost skin from both thighs and my period of enforced rest, I felt I needed a break from work, cooking and everything.

So my husband and I,we went off for a few days to Singapore. What a change of weather from a very hot climate to a wet and rainy one.
Was so glad I had packed an umbrella. We stayed at a hotel next door to the Ikea. I was surprised to see how popular Ikea was in Singapore. People couldn’t identify our hotel but they knew Ikea indeed, so we found out it was a popular landmark. I attended the conference for a day with my husband but took off on my own the next day, to see and experience the Singaporean sights.

This time I didn’t use the hop-on, hop-off option and decided to explore the city on foot as much as I could. I believe in experiencing the sights and sounds of a city first-hand. Using the hotel’s shuttle bus, I went to various stops it made and walked on foot around those stops. Coming from a hot climate, the weather did not dampen my spirits at all.

Singapore is an expensive city to live in but if you know where to look and are willing to explore, it has its own affordable options for food and clothing and that’s what I found. Bargains can be found everywhere-for clothes, food and even transport.

I kept away from popular destinations like the Merlion and Santosa island or even the night safari, which are ever so in-demand. But I still managed to have fun- it wasn’t that I was on a budget but I am not in favor of throwing good money away. And I found a bookshop in the basement of the Anchorage Mall- and it had all of my favourite books. Needless to say, I was a frequent visitor and managed to buy some old favourites and a gift for my daughter, who we had left behind with friends.

November is good to visit Singapore and especially if one has good footwear and the motivation to wander around with time on one’s hands, it is a relaxing city, in its own way.