‘Discover’ Me Not, nor Press Me Freshly.

A very good poem with a serious message.

Magnanimous Word

P1060652 Aboriginal artist at our community fair: He plays it but not for fame or commerce.

A Path To Self-Discovery

You’re no Columbus
And I’m no India, waiting
To be discovered by one and all
Hey! Come and certify my riches, my worth.
But in case you are indeed Columbus
You’ll never reach me anyway…
You’ll lose your way to some la la land

Have I lost myself that you wanna find me?
Something, that did not happen
While I was here all along.
But how could you? You were not color-blind
I too was not colorless, only tactless.
The tricks of the trade
I just could not learn.

It didn’t happen then
So how will you ‘discover’ me now?
After all, I squeezed out some raw talent
The ink now getting dried, my pen leaking blood.
My insides now aching…to be Freshly Aired!

Will I cry if I die undiscovered?

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