Roundabouts with signals

Continuing on my tale of morning ordeals, traffic on a Sunday morning seems to be a little easier to navigate than usual. Yet, it can be tricky at times.

On an alternate route to my Educational town, I sometimes look left from the small road that leads to my house and if what I see gives me an inkling that perhaps traffic is not so bad, then I try to take the Express way, which is akin to the Interstate or the State Highways in certain places. This morning, when I looked left, trying to decide if I wanted to go left or right( turning left would give me access to the Express way), I saw visible spaces in the road and vehicles moving relatively fast- meaning, there was not so much a jam as would have been expected in the morning.Signals in the morning -2So I turned left, traveled along this road that led on to the Express way. On the way, I encountered one roundabout but mercifully, it came attached with signals, which sort of regulated the traffic that came into and out of the roundabout.

After having negotiated this roundabout, I headed along a branch road that led on to the Express way. The roundabout had three roads – the slow track, the medium track and the fast track- the fast track being the medial most. The problem was the branch road had only two tracks- so drivers have to use all their imagination to find out which of these tracks belong to the medial track and which to the slow track. Invariably, there are a few slow track drivers, who suddenly decide they want to move medial and they do it right as they leave the roundabout, which always usually causes confusion to drivers like me.

As usual, I was cut off in my straight path to the Express way by a large car, which came from the slow track and moved into my track right in front of me with no indication. My reflexes being good, I slammed the brakes on, in time, avoiding a back to front collision.

Thus I entered the Express Way,with my heart rate speed-ed up and a few drops of sweat, threatening to break out on my forehead.

The Express way, had vehicles moving slowly but at least they were moving. All going well, I should reach the exit for my destination in about 10 minutes. But as expected, the Express way was extremely crowded and traffic moved forward at a snail’s pace. So it took me about 25 minutes to reach my exit.

And another 10 to reach my final destination.

Roundabouts with signals are an innovative way to regulate traffic that flows from all directions into a major intersection. But what happens if the exit roads from the roundabouts do not correspond to the actual roads on the roundabout – only chaos.

Saying a silent prayer of thanks, I walked up to my office. This has become a daily routine, ever since I started driving on my own to my new place of work.


5 thoughts on “Roundabouts with signals

  1. That sounds unpleasant! I’m glad I only have a 10-15 minute commute to work. The one roundabout we have in town is small, but such a mess because no one knows how to drive it.


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