Walking against time & tide ( weather)

The weather is getting better and it is cold at night-really cold. I am not feeling it too much and I guess, its because I am menopausal and I am feeling hot because of all the hormonal changes. Well, this is a welcome change for me because most of the year, I spend feeling cold and now for a difference, I am actually feeling normal.

I work in administration and here, the days are not so full-up with work now. Seems like research sponsors are taking a break and there are not so many funds left, being the end of the year. The last deadline I had to meet was on December 1, 2015 and it is a week hence.

Most of the time I spend staring at the computer and don’t tell anyone- reading FB posts- can you believe that ?

I have my IELTS exam on December 12 but am spending time just loitering around the computer.

So I decided to take some time off from work, going on walks and enjoying the weather, the fresher air, the bluer skies and the birds chirping. I brought a pair of work out trousers with me and keep it in a handy drawer near my table. Also have T- shirts, running shoes and a jacket on hand to be prepared for all eventualities.

Walking shoes

My only problems are how to get past my colleagues and get out. Sometimes I say, I am off on my lunch break and go for a walk instead or sometimes it is a bathroom break. No one likes to see a colleague’s desk empty for long. (I know it is conning the system but I am determined to keep at it till I get caught). 

Whether all these stealthy walks will trim my waistline or my thighs, only time will tell. Till I get caught I shall walk or until the cold weather continues.

Watch -essential accessory.jpg


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