Gifts/loans or endowments

One of the questions I was set during my speaking test was “Do we pamper our kids too much ?” . That evening on a TV channel (?CNBC), I saw a program titled ” Do we pamper them(pets) too much ?”

These coincidences often happen to me. Around the time I am deluged by one new thought, I see/hear/read about the same idea from another source and always within a time period of 3 days.

My younger daughter has most things her way- we have been more financially stable ever since she was born or perhaps its because we had brought up one child already and knew that all these growth stages will pass one day and then she will be gone.

She gets gifts almost every day. If she is in trouble in school or anyplace else, we bail her out ( not a good habit to get her accustomed to, I know) and for X’mas, it is a ball. My husband does not believe in giving too much, so he puts a brakes in all my giving but despite all his braking, I manage to squeeze a few gifts by.

Perhaps other families are the same.

What are the consequences of giving children too much ?

Most of the money we save up though our lives will go to our children- what are we setting them up for ? Will they always be clingy and hope to get things done through their parents ? When I visited Boston last month, one of the cousins I stayed with said that she paid her daughter’s educational loans for her Engineering course in MIT but now she is not paying her loans for her Medical education . Apparently the daughter does not value the loan/gift that much.

It is the same with research funding. When funds are available and times are good, people accept these things as their rightful dues and move on, with no accountability but when funding is cut down and research money is not freely available, the cribbing starts.

Do you feel we pamper our kids too much ? Do our children have so much that they do not value the little things in life ? What do you think ?