Monday- News & Mews

It is Monday morning where I live.

The newspapers this morning report that Ms. Spain was crowned the Ms. World 2015. As with all pageants and competitions, there are controversies when one contestant is crowned over another. The issue raised here was whether the final answer provided by Ms. Lebanon on what the Ms. World title meant to her and her answer was about ” modesty, love and serenity being important for the world”.  I didn’t watch the pageant and this is from yahoo news that I read this.

Ms. World 2015

Honestly, I find these Ms whatever pageants frivolous and a tremendous waste of money and time. A Chinese contestant from Canada was denied a visa to enter China( which was hosting the pageant) because she had had outspoken views on Chinese religious policies.

What is the point of a Ms. World competition that does not encourage competitors to have a free view point of thinking ?

Do you believe in freedom of speech and do these matter in world class competitions which people think are for people to gawk at beautiful men and women from around the world ? Is it better that the contestants provide answers or speeches that seem ” right” for the occasion or should their individuality be counted towards their assets ? What do you think ?

The Misinformed Pageant - "The capital of Mexico is Mexico town..." "The duck is the largest flightless bird..." "Consuming buttered scones can lead to pregnancy."
The Misinformed Pageant – “The capital of Mexico is Mexico town…” “The duck is the largest flightless bird…” “Consuming buttered scones can lead to pregnancy.”