Monday- News & Mews

It is Monday morning where I live.

The newspapers this morning report that Ms. Spain was crowned the Ms. World 2015. As with all pageants and competitions, there are controversies when one contestant is crowned over another. The issue raised here was whether the final answer provided by Ms. Lebanon on what the Ms. World title meant to her and her answer was about ” modesty, love and serenity being important for the world”.  I didn’t watch the pageant and this is from yahoo news that I read this.

Ms. World 2015

Honestly, I find these Ms whatever pageants frivolous and a tremendous waste of money and time. A Chinese contestant from Canada was denied a visa to enter China( which was hosting the pageant) because she had had outspoken views on Chinese religious policies.

What is the point of a Ms. World competition that does not encourage competitors to have a free view point of thinking ?

Do you believe in freedom of speech and do these matter in world class competitions which people think are for people to gawk at beautiful men and women from around the world ? Is it better that the contestants provide answers or speeches that seem ” right” for the occasion or should their individuality be counted towards their assets ? What do you think ?

The Misinformed Pageant - "The capital of Mexico is Mexico town..." "The duck is the largest flightless bird..." "Consuming buttered scones can lead to pregnancy."
The Misinformed Pageant – “The capital of Mexico is Mexico town…” “The duck is the largest flightless bird…” “Consuming buttered scones can lead to pregnancy.”

8 thoughts on “Monday- News & Mews

  1. I agree… These women are so focused on developing the exterior that they kind of neglect what goes on inside. These pageants used to have a class a couple of decades back and now they all appear to be the same with different versions “help the world become a better place” thoughts.


    1. I wonder if they are even needed. I wish there would be pageants on a these people ” a year after winning the competition”- and follow up pageants – to see how many of their wishes and answers, they have been able to complete or fulfil. Then we would know if they were empty promises or true words.

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  2. I was so excited to discover you are now following my blog! Thank you. I’ve really been enjoying reading yours and want to follow you too. Do you have a twitter or Facebook account? This new format of WordPress is driving me crazy (short trip) but when I click to follow one, iit comes onto my email and now I have so many email posts I don’t know what to do. (Don’t worry if you don’t I’ll still follow because your posts are that interesting.) Blessings and I look forward to getting to know you,

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    1. Ellie, being a sort of shy and private person, I am not on either FB or Twitter. I face the same problem, when I follow someone, the posts come to my email. What I do is they are part of my blog roll and I go to each on my blog roll and click to see if they have posted for the day .
      Thank you.

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  3. Pageants are a business making money off of women who, to me seem to think that their looks are moneymaking. Personally, it seems sad that women who participate in pageants feed into a Barbie doll image as validation of who they are. The attainment of that image is an impossible goal and in the States we seem to uphold it. I’m sharing a link to one of my favorite movie scenes. In Little Miss Sunshine, Olive a little girl dances for her grandfather, who taught her the dance and dies on the way to the pageant she is competing in. She is different than the other girls in the pageant. (If you haven’t seen the movie this is a spoiler alert, but not a complete give away.


    1. Thanks so much for sharing this link and sharing your inputs too. I will watch the movie.
      I feel sad sometimes for these women/men, who feel compelled to show their looks off in front of a group of people, people who judge them physically, because how can you judge their intelligence or their social skills in that short period of time, and they need to be on “show” all the time. What makes these women/men motivated to do this ?
      If they do participate, why do they have to talk stereotypically ? Can’t they say or do something different that will make them stand out ?
      Can’t they be given practical tests to see if they are just superficial or do their personality traits go deep ?

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