Wednesday: Waiting & Weight-ing

It is Wednesday. Almost half the week has gone past. This week, in addition to the weekend, there is the additional anticipation of the celebrations for Christmas at the beginning of the weekend. It is a good time to reminisce and also to look forward to new things.

On Christmas Eve, we attend the crib service, where we sing carols and interact with others ( who can manage to come with their busy schedules) and enjoy the company of little children, who are given gifts. The twilight hours are magical.


For my personal journey of weight loss, I am at 87 kgs now. I have been walking everyday for a minimum of one hour, ever since the weather has become good to walk. I have decided to walk no matter what, in whatever weather. In the heat of summer, where temperatures reach up to 50 C in the shade, this might get difficult, but I am going to do it. I am not sure if I am losing weight, yet, but yes, I am aching all over.

I am going to start a diet, ( I know I mustn’t diet) but I just need a quick jumpstart. It has been a roller coaster ride since my resolution to lose weight when I was 90 kgs.

Diet plan

I have been through the Juicing Diet- I lost about 5 kilos on this diet but then gave up( as I usually do) because my juicer gave up on me.

Then I was travelling in November, so everything went for a six. Ever since I returned from Boston, I have been jet lagged; staying awake at night and sleepy in the day time. The sleepiness at odd hours brought a lot of changes in me- a severe sugar craving for sugar in tea ( which I had given up almost a year earlier), sweets ( chocolates and any other thing that was sweet) and then sleeping in my office. These binges are still going on, though it is more than a month, since I returned from the US.

I am trying to lose about 7 kgs urgently, through the Rosemary Conley Diet plan. My goal is to lose 7 kgs by January 23rd, 2016. I am writing my goals down as Danny would recommend. In addition, I will be doing a few strength exercises and of course the daily walks.

So I wait and watch.

Diet plan -2

Weight on 23rd December : 87 kgs

Measurements : 40, 42, 43.5 inches