Tuesday-tell- a- tale

Today started off as a normal day. Nothing extra ordinary. I did some of my household chores and started off for work around 7:30 am, because I wanted to get some work done before the others came in to office.

I reached office around 8 am and finished off all my work by around 10 am, when I decided to take a break( truant break, I call it) and decided to go to the British Council to get them to send my IELTS scores to the Masters program in Science writing that I am applying for.

Around 10:30, saw me pass a roundabout that had just been changed to a signal, which had a lot of work going on around it- I was driving at around 50 km/hr, when I suddenly felt a jerk on my neck, to the right. I knew something catastrophic had happened and then things started all going out of control.

My car, lost control and jammed into another car coming in from the left most lane and it stopped moving. I got out of the car, because my hands and legs were still moving and I was alive to see a big truck had rammed into the posterior of my car and my car was thrown against the other car and was jammed onto its side.

I had had an accident- the first in my life time. I used to think I have seen and done everything but this just goes to show, there is always a first time.


And I had no mobile phone with me- it was just one of those days- no one knew I was out of office and no one knew who I was.

I stood by the roadside, the truck driver who looked like he was in a daze and the car driver shaking his head in disbelief, waiting for the highway police to come and guide us.

We were blocking traffic and people were staring at us, but I was totally unconcerned. My only fear was the yelling I would get from my husband, once he came to know that I was out of office, when I shouldn’t have been.

I guess, we do reap what we sow, right ?


21 thoughts on “Tuesday-tell- a- tale

    1. Amit,
      My neck hurts but apart from that I am safe, surprisingly. The car however is totally wrecked and I have no means of transportation. I never knew how dependent I was on it, till this morning. Maybe this will get me walking to a lot of places, where previously I would have used my car.
      Thanks for the good wishes, my friend and hope you are keeping well.

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  1. I know the feeling and it’s not a good one! Glad that you are at least OK and hope your husband will be understanding. Be well – things can be replaced but lives are more precious. I’m grateful you’re alive and hanging in there -be well!


  2. Hi, what a beautiful name. One of the professors in the Liberal Arts department of the University I work in is called Misty and I used to always think how whimsical her name was- reminds me of fairies and the stuff dreams are made of.:)


  3. Susie, life is full of unpredictable moments such as this. I don’t like dwelling so much on it though I have shared it once on my blog, several years back, I was involved in a horrific accident. My first accident and it had to be fatal. The young man that I had an accident with died, I came out alive. It’s a long story, but the lessons that I have learnt through that singular profound and frightening experience are enormous. It’s such a good thing that you came out alright.

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