Versatile blogger award- nominated by Izzy

Izzy from Izzyasabee nominated me for this award. Thank you Izzy.

The rules for this award are :

  1. Thank the person that has nominated you & include a link to their blog.
  2. Nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice.
  3. Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.
  4. Share seven different facts about yourself.

My nominations

1. Gene

2. Debbie

3. Hilda

4. April

5. Donna

6. Granonine

7. Kathleen

8. Sam

9. Lulu

10. Serena

11. Nicholas

12. Suvarna

13. Sam Red

14. Small Changes for life

15. Kathy

Seven Facts about yourself

  1. I love writing. I can write and write for hours about nothing.
  2. I love reading. I read at least two new books a week or more if I can get my hands on them.
  3. I honestly don’t like human company/beings- if there is any group of humans that I like, its children- am I not weird ?
  4. Blogging helps me blow my insides out and is like treatment for me.
  5. Most of my life revolves around myself- me, my safety, my security, my work, my fame, my name etc..,. I am very selfish.
  6. I wish to look good but don’t do too much about it. I don’t use make up, almost never and if I do, I feel I look dressed up and not me.
  7. L love walking in fresh air- which I don’t get very often where I live.

Thank you, Izzy, once again.



How do you decide which blog posts to read each day?

It used to be easy when I had few followers but with 200 followers and some in Spanish too, I can’t keep up, much as I would like to.

For me reading blog posts is as important as writing posts, if not more important. When I read a new post, I learn so much – about the person, about places, and about things- sometimes recipes, sometimes tips and sometimes inspirations. Many a time, the blog posts I read give me my writing practice for the day because when something in the post touches me, I have to write something.

For about two months’, I have been unable to keep up with my reader. Some of it is my fault – I wasn’t in the mood, traveling, then lack of interest in blogging itself – and some of it wasn’t – I was ill for a major part of October . So I lost track of my readers and my friends. ( Forgive me Donna, April, Samantha and others, whom I used to read regularly before I fell off ).

Now that I am back to blogging, I have no idea about how to read posts in my Reader any more. It seems I have just finished one and commenting when there are two more new ones. I find that I now have 200 + followers and it takes a long time to read each post.

Now I have taken to doing three things to decide which posts to read ( a priority list) :

  1. See the gravatars of those who have commented on my posts and then follow them to their blog ( like a dog) and read some of their recent posts- does this sound very self-centered ? Sometimes I have read every single one of their posts, they have ever written, during these ” sneaky follows”.
  2. I go to my blog roll and try to read the most current posts of my blog roll – for example : Adam; Ritu ; Debbie ; Danny  and others.
  3. Then I actually do go to my Reader and read the posts that appear there- I am trying to make it a practice to read at least 5 in the morning and 5 at night.


What are some of your ideas ? How do you keep up with your Reader lists ?


Thanks to angels

I have been back-reading through my various posts over the last year and find that most of them are of the ranting, whining type. I am healthy, have a job, have a good family ( have always had one), have loving people in my life, no addictions ( except perhaps food), am intelligent( at least, I like to think so) and have many things going my way. Yet, most of my posts seem dissatisfied and seem to illustrate a body, unsatisfied with self.

And it is true. Most of the time, I am unhappy with myself and who I am. But why ?

Anyway, today’s post is about something wonderful that happened to me a few years back- nothing short of a miracle. And again this took place at my workplace.

For days and even months, a senior colleague of mine was harassing me. Nothing to face, of course but behind my back. I could hear loud conversations from my neighbor’s room ( I like to think they were purposely loud, so I could hear), about people (me)who sucked up to the consultants and other people who came to make changes in our unit. The place I worked in was thought to be  not giving as satisfactory services as they should . The services provided by  the department being next-to- nil, in spite of a full set of about 10 qualified individuals working there, two or three doctors among them, a bio-statistician  and a some data entry people, was mostly inadequate. Complaints were rife that proposals were delayed in approvals and approvals were provided for some and not for others and so much more. A research ethics committee functioned which was like a committee of members who had been serving like for ever – none of us knew what went on there, except for one office administrator ( who was a member of that committee, self-appointed) and the bio statistician ( for good measure, it seems). My neighbor was the bio-statistician colleague, who was loud and  uncouth, specially when he thought someone was not going to be doing things as he planned. Things got to such a head that I hated going to work- even wanting to put an end to everything and leave or die. ( yes, thoughts of killing myself did come into my mind).

The heads of the organization brought in a couple of staff, who had experience in research administration, in order to set things right. The man arrived one day, took stock of affairs and started a process of strategic planning. Strategic planning is like a step wise process of taking stock, finding out where we are and finding out what we could do. Needless to say, the people in my unit, who liked the old order tried every possible stunt to get him out. There were arguments, table thumping, yelling, shouting matches, derision( yes, all this took place in the office environment) but finally, the consultant wrote a report about the unruly employees, who would not allow progress to happen, to the higher authorities. The higher authorities took action and wrote up a termination order for the statistician but in time, he managed to get a transfer order to another department.

This colleague was  not allowing progress to take place, except as it benefited him, even resorting to bullying tactics to get his way. I am not sure how the higher authorities got a whiff of affairs and appointed this consultant to clean things up.

My point is this :

  1. How did the authorities bring this Consultant to take charge of things in my department, just when things were completely out of control and finances, decisions, ethics and a lot of other things had been through out of the window ?
  2. How was the bully statistician shown the door?

I have come to believe that God brought the Consultant to my department as an angel in disguise to “save” us distressed souls or at least mine from unscrupulous colleagues, who were a pain to work with. Sometimes we tend to give up in life, thinking everything is lost but along comes an angel and we may not even recognize him/her, who gives us a helping hand. Sometimes we think nothing good ever happens to us but it could be that we need to wait and watch till that good time.


Walking against time & tide ( weather)

The weather is getting better and it is cold at night-really cold. I am not feeling it too much and I guess, its because I am menopausal and I am feeling hot because of all the hormonal changes. Well, this is a welcome change for me because most of the year, I spend feeling cold and now for a difference, I am actually feeling normal.

I work in administration and here, the days are not so full-up with work now. Seems like research sponsors are taking a break and there are not so many funds left, being the end of the year. The last deadline I had to meet was on December 1, 2015 and it is a week hence.

Most of the time I spend staring at the computer and don’t tell anyone- reading FB posts- can you believe that ?

I have my IELTS exam on December 12 but am spending time just loitering around the computer.

So I decided to take some time off from work, going on walks and enjoying the weather, the fresher air, the bluer skies and the birds chirping. I brought a pair of work out trousers with me and keep it in a handy drawer near my table. Also have T- shirts, running shoes and a jacket on hand to be prepared for all eventualities.

Walking shoes

My only problems are how to get past my colleagues and get out. Sometimes I say, I am off on my lunch break and go for a walk instead or sometimes it is a bathroom break. No one likes to see a colleague’s desk empty for long. (I know it is conning the system but I am determined to keep at it till I get caught). 

Whether all these stealthy walks will trim my waistline or my thighs, only time will tell. Till I get caught I shall walk or until the cold weather continues.

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