Wednesday : Weighting and Waiting

Just a day to go to the weekend. And I am so ready for it. What with my migraine and the work place bullying and the prelude to my saying “No”, I am ready for the rest time.

Ok, well, today is the day. I need to have the statistics ready.

My weight is at 86 kgs, so that is a positive.

Exercising : I didn’t do any exercise other than house work for about 4 days of last week, since my last weigh-in.

Positives : I have a better exercise tolerance. I am not getting winded up so soon and also I am running up a light sweat during my walk, this at about 13 C. House work does not exhaust me so much and I am actually getting better at it. This is not to say about dish washing- which is my anathema.