Tuesday- Tell a tale

I am dealing with a cat crying out loud to be let outside. I think that because I have had children and think of my cat as my child, I want to protect him from the feral cats outside. But the past two days, I have been sick and indoors- so he knows I am at home and he’s using this as an excuse to whine and ask for an outdoor treat.

I have had cats before and know that once let out, they loathe coming in. The outdoor cats are not so and constantly look for ways to come into the house- talk of the grass being greener on the other side.

Today I let Sunshine out for about 15 minutes- the worst 15 minutes of my 4 year life with him. He was hesitant at first and with baby steps, walked to the neighbour’s lot, where he potted and smelled the vegetables grown there. I left my door open, in case he wanted to come in on his own. But he didn’t.

After about 15 minutes, I went to look for him in my neighbour’s plot and found him looking lost among some cabbages they grow there. He allowed me to pick me up but spat at me- perhaps out of fear or because he didn’t want to be caught.

Now I am dealing with a cat, which is crying his heart out.  Did I do wrong ?

cat crying

15 thoughts on “Tuesday- Tell a tale

  1. We have the same issue with Sonu Singh. He is two (tomorrow!) and is an indoor cat, though he will sit at the back door and ‘cry’… The times we did let him out without a harness, he got stuck behind our garden fence, in th brambles, then the second time he was stuck intake neighbours garden, scared of their dog!
    We use a cat harness, and extendible dog lead to anchor him, but give him space to roam, if we are out, so he doesn’t feel left out! It is tough, but I know the worries you are facing…

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  2. Hi Susie. First up thank you for the follow. I did go hunting for e about page but failed miserably to find it. As for cats we have one of each, twin sisters. They both go outside but one is far happier on the boiler and merely leaves for her ablutions. The other only comes in to moan about the lack of food in her bowl. Once replete she is off, roaming who knows where. Both loved and loveable , both very different.

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    1. Debbie,
      Thanks for asking. Have been depressed the whole day.
      Cat ran out this morning and led us a merry chase through the compound, neighbours houses, trees and everything you can think of, even going to the entrance of the compound on his way out. When I tried to get him back, he snarled at me, showed his teeth and spat very badly. It was as if he didnt know me.For about 2 hours he ran around. Finally I found him in the neighbour’s cabbage patch, chasing a stray cat up a wall. I got him and only by the strength and will power given by God, I caught him, where he bit me all over, snarled and spat at me, but I didnt let go though I was petrified- more of losing him than of his bites.
      Step by step I brought his home, more bites and more snarls with every step, till i threw him inside our door and locked the door tight.
      And he relaxed the minute he got inside.
      God was with me through this ordeal.
      Praise God !
      I am now nursing a swollen hand and painful bites.


      1. Oh no! I’m so sorry. Why would he bite the hand that feeds him, ungrateful cat.
        Reminds me of some people I know. Ha ha!
        Well, I’m glad he’s calmer now.
        Wow! Now I’m grateful for an outside cat that lets me only pet it twice a day.

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      2. Debbie,
        I regret the day I brought him in- I am not a cat lover and he is a beautiful cat- with lots of fur, so he had no chances out in the wild, when he was a kitten and my husband loves cats. He was a scared-ey cat then- thats the only way I can explain his bites and his snarls.
        Anyway, through it all, God led me.


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