Tardy Thursday

It is getting to be the weekend. I love the anticipation of the weekend, of the rest, of time alone, of time to think things out.

One of the things I have been thinking about, especially with Danny’s posts on being Trustworthy, keeping time and appointments, keeping promises– all old fashioned values, for many of us and I started thinking of what I am guilty of and which might go against my own principles. I like to say that I am a person of integrity and truthfulness but I think it is more often that I want others to be that way to me but sometimes I do cut corners, especially when I think no one is looking.

Working at this reputed University for about a year now, I have come to disregard some of its rules. The work time starts at 8 am or 7:30, depending on which schedule you have agreed upon with your supervisor. For me, it is 8 am. These days I tend to slow down a bit, do more household chores, shower leisurely, spend some time gardening, prepare lunch and before you know it, it is 8 am- the time I need to be at work.


I have been taking liberties with my promises to the institution, its true. I start from home after 8 am, and roll into my office around 8 :30-8 :45 am and this may be later, if my supervisor is on leave. I cringe when I write this but honestly if she wasn’t there to keep tab, I think I would have gone back to bed and shown up at office even later.


I have become so used to this routine that I now find excuses to keep doing this. One of my excuses is that my supervisor comes to work at 9 am or thereafter and very few of my colleagues show up on time, they look out for those who leave office early rather than those who arrive late, jammed traffic, household chores- and so many more.

And Thursdays are the worst- because it is the end of week here and everyone is rather relaxed with time.

Now that I think of it, being late to work is kind of like breaking a promise made to my institution,which has been gracious enough to give me a job and a good, steady income. In the long run, it would go to show that I am dishonest, take liberties with time and ultimately am not trustworthy. Above all, it would show that I am not a person of integrity.



Which come to think of it, I am not- then, what is the point writing this up on my C.V in big, bold letters ?


Who am I being dishonest to ? My institution, my supervisor or my own self ?

Have you ever been un-trustworthy ? What have you done to correct it, if so ? Would you be trustworthy only if you are being watched over ?