Tardy Thursday

It is getting to be the weekend. I love the anticipation of the weekend, of the rest, of time alone, of time to think things out.

One of the things I have been thinking about, especially with Danny’s posts on being Trustworthy, keeping time and appointments, keeping promises– all old fashioned values, for many of us and I started thinking of what I am guilty of and which might go against my own principles. I like to say that I am a person of integrity and truthfulness but I think it is more often that I want others to be that way to me but sometimes I do cut corners, especially when I think no one is looking.

Working at this reputed University for about a year now, I have come to disregard some of its rules. The work time starts at 8 am or 7:30, depending on which schedule you have agreed upon with your supervisor. For me, it is 8 am. These days I tend to slow down a bit, do more household chores, shower leisurely, spend some time gardening, prepare lunch and before you know it, it is 8 am- the time I need to be at work.


I have been taking liberties with my promises to the institution, its true. I start from home after 8 am, and roll into my office around 8 :30-8 :45 am and this may be later, if my supervisor is on leave. I cringe when I write this but honestly if she wasn’t there to keep tab, I think I would have gone back to bed and shown up at office even later.


I have become so used to this routine that I now find excuses to keep doing this. One of my excuses is that my supervisor comes to work at 9 am or thereafter and very few of my colleagues show up on time, they look out for those who leave office early rather than those who arrive late, jammed traffic, household chores- and so many more.

And Thursdays are the worst- because it is the end of week here and everyone is rather relaxed with time.

Now that I think of it, being late to work is kind of like breaking a promise made to my institution,which has been gracious enough to give me a job and a good, steady income. In the long run, it would go to show that I am dishonest, take liberties with time and ultimately am not trustworthy. Above all, it would show that I am not a person of integrity.



Which come to think of it, I am not- then, what is the point writing this up on my C.V in big, bold letters ?


Who am I being dishonest to ? My institution, my supervisor or my own self ?

Have you ever been un-trustworthy ? What have you done to correct it, if so ? Would you be trustworthy only if you are being watched over ?


20 thoughts on “Tardy Thursday

    1. I just had to do it, Jackie. Danny was posting and posting about keeping promises that it set me thinking. I need to thank Danny and also to pull up my socks.
      How have you been Jackie ? Didn’t see many posts from you yesterday except the story chain one and I couldn’t think of anything to add .

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  1. Kentucky Angel says:

    Nice, honest post Susie. And yes, I lie to myself constantly, but tend to always be early for everything, rather than late. Blame that on my convent boarding school with the allotted 5 minute schedule for bath, clean tub and dress two times each week, with other days just a quick spit bath from the sink. No running, so get out early or be sent back to leisurely stroll down the steps to chapel, breakfast, class. Ohh, what a lady they tried to make of me. Just too bad it didn’t work.

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      1. Kentucky Angel says:

        That”s a thought. I just might do that. It’s about time for some memory posts again, and I really have some good (?) memories of that experience — good meaning fun, also my childhood memories that are a yearly routine. It’s about time to do those again.


  2. I don’t think being late for work is nearly as serious as being late for an commitment to an individual. People are more important than corporations, and you are more important than your job.

    But then, I’m often one or two minutes late to my job. 😁


  3. Long ago, I worked at a law firm with rather unspecified hours. People started in around 6am and people started to leave around 3:30. I was unaccustomed to such leeway. We also had a lot of long working lunches. I worked from 8:30ish to 4:45ish and always felt strange about it. Of course, there were plenty of days when I worked through lunches or worked 14-16 hours and traveled a great deal, but it always seemed strange to me that the company didn’t monitor this. Now, of course, I think, “Gosh, that was dreamy.” LOL

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  4. Great post Susie!
    We all tell ourselves that we’re honest people even though in small ways we’re often not. Its like starting a new diet but cheating a little each day…before long we believe we’re still on a diet.

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