Spirit Animal Blogger Award!

One of my nominees for the Spirit Animal Blogger Award has so very kindly accepted and has posted a wonderful post.
Thank you, Sabine.

in cahoots with muddy boots

Being nominated for an award by fellow bloggers is always nice and appreciated! It also gives me a chance to acknowledge other bloggers for all the time, effort and love they invest in this part of their lives. These blogs let me discover new-to-me topics, books music, recipes and of course travel destinations!

Thank you Susie at https://susieshy45.wordpress.com/2015/12/31/spirit-animal-blog-award/ for nominating me for the Spirit Animal Blogger Award!. Be sure to check out this blog, as she writes about a variety of life topics, and even reviews books.

Many blogs are “award-free zones”. Sometimes I nominate someone anyway, because I really like what they do! So if you are nominated and don’t do awards, it’s okay to decline! I am just letting you know that I love reading your blog!

If you choose to accept the nomination, all you have to do is add the award picture to your blog, give a short description…

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Wednesday : Weighting and Waiting

Just a day to go to the weekend. And I am so ready for it. What with my migraine and the work place bullying and the prelude to my saying “No”, I am ready for the rest time.

Ok, well, today is the day. I need to have the statistics ready.

My weight is at 86 kgs, so that is a positive.

Exercising : I didn’t do any exercise other than house work for about 4 days of last week, since my last weigh-in.

Positives : I have a better exercise tolerance. I am not getting winded up so soon and also I am running up a light sweat during my walk, this at about 13 C. House work does not exhaust me so much and I am actually getting better at it. This is not to say about dish washing- which is my anathema.


Monday – Mews and News : I learnt to say “No”



Saying no -2Last night I couldn’t sleep very well. I woke up with a start at around 3 am and couldn’t get back to sleep after. I woke up in a cold sweat and the temperature around me was around 16 C. Thinking back on the events of the day I realized that my sensitive soul(sic) was reacting to some work related events, with my office bully colleague. Whenever I have a problem handling people, I spend a lot of time analyzing my reactions to what the person said, and how I could have told them off and things like that- its always a post-mortem of how things could have gone better.

Consequently today I had a migraine, one of those slow, dragging types and I have drugged myself with a single tablet of Paracetamol, drinking plenty of water and even managing some sleep, under my desk during my lunch hour.

A  few minutes back, the work bully was back in my room and trying to get me to do some task that she wanted me to do. I was surprised at my own reaction to her demand. I said, ” No, I am not doing it.” The look of shock on her face was a sight to behold. I was smiling ( perhaps its the Paracetamol) making me behave crazy but I did it- I said ” No” and I am feeling so proud of myself.

Small victories are so sweet .

Saying No

Have you had difficulty saying “No” ?

And when you do, do you feel like you have achieved something great ?

Do you need to fortify yourself with something- a stimulant or so, to be able to say “No” ?