An act of generosity

I was in the mall today and shopping for groceries. When I reached the billing counter, I went to a corner line, where they sometimes bill me. I remembered the kind girl who once called me from another line and billed my stuff there. So I went with my trolley and with all trust, started loading my stuff on the conveyor belt. The girl at the counter told me, Ma’am, you have more than 10 items, please move to one of the other counters.”

I was embarrassed and this happened in front of my children who were embarrassed for me. Half of yesterday was spent in getting over my embarrassment, thinking and rethinking this incident. Finally others things took over and the incident went into the recesses of my memory.

This morning during my early morning devotion, I read – why do humans tend to skim over acts of generosity and focus on the disasters that take place around us ? Why are we quicker to see what’s wrong than what’s right ? Why can’t we give credit where credit is due?

The girl at the counter was only doing her job and I happened to be at the receiving end of it. Everyone around me forgot about it as soon as it happened except me and perhaps my children. I forgot about the kind cashier girl who had once called me over and billed my goods the previous time I was there. I forgot the fun time I had with my daughters shopping and laughing over silly things.

The devotional went on to say, ” When we pray, we think over what God hasn’t yet done for us, rather than on the great and marvellous things he has done for us.”

Job, Peter, Isaiah all went through this at different times of their lives. At times of prosperity, Job enjoyed the goodness of God but when bad times came, he didn’t forget to blame God for them. When Isaiah, in a vision saw God, he understood how sinful he had been. And when Peter caught a great boatload of fish on the Lord’s bidding, he asked Satan to get away from him, so he could be righteous.

Can you remember one act of generosity someone has done for you today or in the last week ?Β 

I can remember so many- my supervisor who allowed me a hour off from work, because my husband was ill, and I needed to be at home to take care of him. Thank you God.


21 thoughts on “An act of generosity

  1. My neighbor does a kind, generous thing every Friday Morning: She takes my dog and me to the park. This may not seem like much, but it is the only way this would happen: I am not able to drive. We have turned it into a tradition: We go get coffee – and a dog treat – then, we head for the park, where my dog is allowed to run off leash. He loves it!

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  2. We are always hardest on ourselves. Love yourself , Susie, as Our Father in heaven loves you. You teach your children your goodness and your faith. One embarrassing situation is supported and eliminated by all the grace of God in your heart and your family.

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    1. Oh Jackie, I was hurt at the behaviour but later thought why should I be hurt- there are so many positive things around me – so many people who help us, knowingly or unknowingly and instead of looking for the negatives, isn’t it better to try and count our positives ?
      Keep smiling, my friend,

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  3. Oh yes the ole 10 items or less line at the grocery store…been in that more than once not paying any attention to what line I was in….I too have had the checker mention I was over the limit….I don’t get embarrassed very easily, I just made my apologies for being unobservant and reloaded and stepped aside to correct check out line… how acts of kindness…I try to be very kind to all, and believe what you put out in the universe you get back ten fold….my husband bought my a beautiful hand painted bowl at a yard sale yesterday…painted with flowers and leaves….he said it reminded him of me….I thought how kind…..thanks for checking out my blog, I look forward to following you…kathy

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    1. Kathy,
      I came to your blog through Lynn( Lynz real cooking)- and found your life and your struggles so similar to mine. My life is a literal fight each day, against myself. I beat myself up so frequently.
      And the stress of it all makes me eat more and more.
      I need to love myself better.
      Kathy, thank you for following and I look forward to reading your posts too.


  4. Thanks for reminding us to pay attention to the blessings that surround us everyday, Susie. Yesterday, after loading groceries into the car, I was returning the cart in a cold rain when a smiling woman heading into the store offered to take it. She saved me from getting a bit more wet than I already was! I was grateful for this small act of kindness, thanked her and promised to keep the kindness going.

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  5. Susie, It’s true, we all seem to focus most attention on the disasters and take the good things for granted. I’ve messed up in checkout lines many a time…I would guess we all have! Your insight for all of us in your blog post made a positive moment out of what was at first a negative. Blessings on your day my friend. Kathy

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    1. Kathy, we blow up what are really small issues- today a week later, these things just don’t even hurt but at that time, they hurt something bad.
      We need to remember that we are only a small part of this universe and there are so many other things out there besides us- we are so insignificant.

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  6. I have seen people in this instance who argue with the girl at the counter, instead you demonstrated humility. We all make innocent mistakes in public, how we handle those mistakes shines a light on our character. Often times the best way for us to demonstrate Christ in our lives is by the way we respond in award circumstances. You did well πŸ˜‰

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