Walk out to see better

As Christians go through the rigors of Lent, during our worship service this week, we were told to meditate on the parables of the Prodigal Son and the lost sheep.

Did you know that perhaps the two most famous parables told by Christ and which is perhaps even known to non-Christians are the Parables of the Prodigal Son and that of the Good Samaritan ?

The pastor talked of how long ago, he met a Dutch minister and asked him how he had come to be a Christian. The minister replied, ” I had tried everything else- as a hippie I had traveled to various countries and adapted their religious beliefs. I was constantly in search of that elusive peace. Until one day, it struck me, that I had to return to the Fold to have that peace, that is over all understanding. I had no other option”.

He talked of the similarity between the Parable of the Prodigal Son and that of the lost minister. Both of them had to leave the Fold and go outside the set community, its rules and regulations and its beliefs and see the “outside” world and experience its pleasures and its follies, before they returned to their eternal homes, and found comfort.

Some parents face this when their children revolt against them at home or run away from home or when they attend college, change themselves radically, to be in line with their peers. They give up their values, their ethics and take to finding comfort in addictive substances. We pray that our children who are far away from us are kept from seeing the “evils” of the world or even if they see them, to escape unscathed from them. Perhaps for their own good, sometimes, it is good that they experience what they must not, in order to see how those material comforts affect their very well-being.

Sometimes it is best to let go and allow our children or ourselves to break away from traditional beliefs and passed on knowledge and experience the world outside, in order to understand the universal truth. The outside view gives them the true view of their life and encourages them to come back to the Fold with renewed vigour.