Please help me identify these flowers

Because I have so less free ground space around my house and because the weather is so good, I grow flowers mostly in pots on my terrace( roof). I started planting in October last year and finally in March of this year, with the Spring rains, the seeds have started showing their flower power.

But I can’t identify some of the flowers that have grown in my pots.I am putting them up here, so my gardener friends can help me identify them.

Here they are :

Roof flowers -3

I want to know what these maroon and yellow flowers are.

Roof flowers- unknown

They have a pretty pink cousin too !

What are they ?


52 thoughts on “Please help me identify these flowers

    1. Thanks so much, April. I planted the seeds and they never germinated till many, many months later and by then I lost the seed cover to be able to identify what these flowers might be. IT would be very helpful if your dad could pitch in.
      How are the rains in Louisiana ?
      Have a lovely weekend
      Any weekend trekking, planned ?

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      1. He said they’re Indian blanket flowers.

        It’s still raining. We have one road left out of our town that may be closed tomorrow. But at least we still have a grocery store. And plenty of food and drink at the house if they close.


  1. Keep safe, April. Glad you have food stocked up.
    Are the leaves of my plants similar to the typical Indian blanket flower leaves ? These leave look something like arugula lettuce leaves.


  2. Yes, Kathy and Sam- they are daisies- Chrysanthemum cranium- painted daisy- the leaves are very beautiful and unlike any I have seen for flowering plants- can’t find words to describe them, except – that they have a dense foliage.
    Thank you, my friends- all for reading and helping.


    1. Kathleen, I think they are the Painted Daisy as identified by Timeless lady and Samantha but they are very similar to the Indian blanket flower except for their fern like foliage, which is different from the long narrow leaves of the Indian blanket. I learnt so many flower names today. Thank you, Kathleen.
      Have you posted photos of your ranch other than the ones about the view from your porch ?

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      1. Doing okay. Editing a novel referred by one of the authors I’ve edited numerous books for. So my own writing is delayed for now, but I’m enjoying watching a new author develop into a professional. I’m trying to work on my historical fiction book, Annie, in short spurts. I may have the first section, 10 chapters, for you to read by next week, if you’re still interested. I hope you’re doing well!

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      1. Just waiting for transvaginal ultrasound to see if there is cancer as have had sone brownish bleeding. Feeling flu like today after dr. Did try in office to do a biopsy type thing in office which he did not get…but looking forward to them finding nothing


  3. Wow how rewarding to plant seeds in a pot and now see the flowers…I can understand that you feel like you just had babies…and they are so pretty…I think they’re Susie Daisies… 😉

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    1. Yes, they are daisies, Deb, I looked them up and the pictures on the net are so like my babies. Each morning, their petals look down and sad but with the touch of the sun’s rays, they rise up. 🙂

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    1. We found out they were painted daisies. I am trying to grow plants I am unfamiliar with but they flower months and months after I have planted the seeds- so I forget what was planted in the pots. For a time I thought they were a type of exotic kale.:)


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