Cuttings and “leaf”-ings

I had beautiful roses this year on my peach  coloured rose plant. This plant is at least 4 years old. It is a survivor. Each summer it dies away ( literally) and we despair, only to find it putting out new leaves in the beginning of October and lots of lovely, peach coloured rose flowers by December. A little bit of rose fertilizer goes a long way towards producing abundant  flowers.


In December,  I took a cutting from this plant and cut the end in slant. I propped it in a potting soil in a planter . For days and days, even months, there was no sign of life in my cutting. I was disappointed. In my home country, we often grew roses like this, why not here ?


Until, last week I noticed, one of its wrinkled and withered away stems was turning green. A few days later, along with some spring rains, the plant grew a whole branch of 5 beautiful green leaves.


There is no happiness than seeing one of your seedlings or cuttings taking root and leaf-ing.

New life, new beginnings.