Cuttings and “leaf”-ings

I had beautiful roses this year on my peach  coloured rose plant. This plant is at least 4 years old. It is a survivor. Each summer it dies away ( literally) and we despair, only to find it putting out new leaves in the beginning of October and lots of lovely, peach coloured rose flowers by December. A little bit of rose fertilizer goes a long way towards producing abundant  flowers.


In December,  I took a cutting from this plant and cut the end in slant. I propped it in a potting soil in a planter . For days and days, even months, there was no sign of life in my cutting. I was disappointed. In my home country, we often grew roses like this, why not here ?


Until, last week I noticed, one of its wrinkled and withered away stems was turning green. A few days later, along with some spring rains, the plant grew a whole branch of 5 beautiful green leaves.


There is no happiness than seeing one of your seedlings or cuttings taking root and leaf-ing.

New life, new beginnings.

17 thoughts on “Cuttings and “leaf”-ings

  1. Susie, I am amazed at how well this rose bloomed. I have never grown a rose from a stem. It will be a ‘must-do’ project for the coming summer. Thanks so much for posting your beautiful flowers. Your photographs are lovely. Kathy

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  2. Kathy,
    The pictures with the flowers on them are the mother plant, which bloomed fully well this December. The black pot pictures show the little baby rose plant- which is yet to flower but even getting it to produce a few leaves is a big success story for me. I am going to take a few more cutting and put them around my roof garden. Soon I hope I will have at least 5 pots full of peach coloured roses.
    Fingers crossed.


    1. April, thank you for saying that. Because I think my roses are miracle roses that shrivel up and dry during extreme summer conditions( I have to remember to water them though) and they revive themselves by October each year and bring out beautiful roses.
      Please can you post some pictures of your neighbour’s roses if he lets you that is and if you will.
      I would love to see them.

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    1. Thank you, eths. I really struggle with my plants partially because I am lazy to climb up to the roof and look at them each day and partially because of the elements but I do love a bit of greenery around me.


  3. Susie, I am not sure that I remembered to let you know, so just in case I forgot, let me also use this opportunity to extend an invitation to a bloggers brunch party taking place on my blog on this weekend Sat-Sunday. The post is titled it’s a brunch party. I believe that it will be fun


  4. Thank you for sharing; your post brought back a pleasant memory. I used to have a rose bush growing by the porch at my old house. It was so hardy and reliable! It could withstand the hot summer sun and the cold conditions well into November. It didn’t require much care and bloomed faithfully every spring. Maybe when I have a place of my own again I’ll buy a rose bush.

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