Nature Walk- after rain

I decided to walk around the site of my College today. It rained last night, heavy in parts. The temperature held on- so we had a very pleasant night’s sleep, punctuated by the pitter-patter of raindrops falling on the Air Cons.

I was grateful for the chance to walk around campus, on a very moderate day, no rains but the cloudy sky foretells perhaps a few drops of rain later on in the afternoon. I saw something on my walk, which confirmed my feeling that there would be more rain today.


I saw a little May Fly- the first I have seen in many years and I remembered my biology lessons of at least 30 years ago- a May Fly brings rain with it. Seeing this little one, thrilled my heart. Unlike so many others, I love the rain and look forward to it, even in the middle of Winter.

Further along my walk, I saw these little yellow flowers, which grow so well in our gardens here and can cover up any grassy weeds we have in our flower-beds. I am not sure what this plant is.


Beautiful grasses framing the roads of the parking lot.



I took a picture of the overcast sky, which seemed clouded and happy altogether. Notice our college building, after the overnight wash. It is smiling too !


Don’t you agree, there is more rain to come ?


More yellow flowers and shrubs, which need a lot more of water to show their true green colours.


Seems to be a day for yellow !

And just when I thought my hour long walk could not have become better, I found these lovely pink flowers with their delicate perfume, filling the air.



Finally, I saw a differently hued flower, a small Gulmohar plant, called Flame of the Forest, which lines our avenues and highways. This one was a baby but holding its own with its orange and yellow flowers.

It struck me that this was perhaps the only plant on my nature walk that I was able to identify. So much for being a Science student.

I enjoyed my day outdoors and hope you all have a wonderfully refreshing day as well.