Shopping best times

What times do you like to best do your shopping ?

Is it in the daytime or at night ?

Is it when the shop doors open and you like to rush in and see what new produce the stores have for you ?

Or do you like to do your shopping late at night, like after 11 pm ?

Do you enjoy watching people as they shop and wonder about the things they buy, the families they might have at home, who gets to eat the food they have stacked onto their trolleys ?

Speaking of trolleys, do you take a trolley with you as you shop and enjoy putting things into your trolley as you see them or because they might look good in your home ? Do you wonder at the shopping counter, how these things got into your trolley and what you were thinking of when you put them in ?

Or, do you prefer to go light when shopping, with just a shopping bag ? Or maybe you like to shop with your hands, grab-and-go ?

Which is the best way and time of shopping for you ? Finally do you like shopping ?

I enjoy a good shop and am an enthusiastic shopper. Some days would find me running about a supermarket like a crazed woman, as though a curfew is about to be called and I need to stock things before the shop closes. Some days would find me dull and very utilitarian in my shopping outlook- buy only what I need.

I have come home after a shopping expedition, wondering what I was doing with that thing I purchased or how I was going to use it. It seemed so good to me when I bought it but now I can’t find a use for it.

But the one thing I have learnt about shopping over the years is that I like to shop when the crowds are less. These are the times, I can think about what to buy and what not to buy, rationalize on the costs, the need and the purposes of my buys. I enjoy these solitary soliloquies.

To this end, my best times for shopping are early on in the day or very late at night when people are in bed, the roads are less crowded and so are the shops. Similarly I like to shop at the end of a month, before pay cheque day because that is when the crowds are less in the shops and I can shop to my heart’s content.

Are you a fastidious shopper ? Do you think about when to shop and what to shop ? ARE the times of the day important for you when you shop ?

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