Its time to change my blog name

It is that time of the year. I am 47 years old today. I started blogging two years ago- in 2014 around this time, when I was 45- aka my blog name and now it is two years hence and I am older by two years.

I am richer by so many friends that I made online. April, Kathy, Debbie Crocker, Debbie Bowman, Ritu, Judy, Erica, Jackie, Rashmi- so many.

I get excited when I hear about people who have birthdays in June- I feel they are my sibs or that I have some relation with them. Living far away from family is hard but my blog family makes up for it for a great bit.

Maybe I should change my blog name to or may be I should just keep it at 45 for it was at 45 that I made some life changing decisions and really grew up. I am who I am because of that watershed in my life, my 45th year.

Happy Birthday to me ! Hurrah !

I am not getting old

29 thoughts on “Its time to change my blog name

  1. Susie, I’m 63 1/2. Ha ha! This new life of being a smaller size did not start until after I turned 61.
    So you can start a new life at any age. God is so good. He loves us just as we are (241), but He loves us too much to let us stay that way.
    So everyday you can begin living a new life, no matter your age.

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    1. Oh Debbie,
      You are such a spark of positivity. I am recovering and feeling much better now. Each day – a new day in Christ.
      In one of your posts, please explain how we can experience the love of Christ, rather than seeing him as someone who punishes.

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      1. I’m praying now asking God to give me an answer for you.
        “Lord, put Your arms around Susie now. Let her feel Your Presence and Your love. Just as she enjoyed the fresh rain, rain on her heart a fresh new rain of Your love.”

        Susie, I will accept Your request. Soon to come- a post of how to experience God’s love.

        To begin with, realize He died on that cross just for you and He rose to new life to give you new life.

        To receive this new life, one must confess, “Yes, I’ve sinned. Please forgive me and help me turn away from this.”

        Sin is just missing the mark of perfection. I tend to mess up daily, it seems. I’m forgiven and the house is clean. But dirty dishes need to be washed daily.

        When we mess up with humans, we say we’re sorry and start over. Same with God. He loves us more than our humans.

        Then ask Him to come into your heart and to fill you with His Spirit. You may not feel anything at that moment. Then again, maybe you will.

        Once long ago, I was very depressed. God said, “Dance and praise me.” I didn’t feel like it, seemed strange, but I did it.
        Nothing major changed, but I could sense a tiny smile growing inside of me. As I continued the smile grew into joy.

        Practice dancing when no one is around.
        I have found that praising God brings victory for the enemy of our souls will leave. He cannot stand to hear God praised. So he leaves. Isn’t that wonderful.
        So sing, dance, and be not silent. Psalms 30:11,12.

        Gods love to you, my heavenly sister. Debbie


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