New Food Plan- ASK Support Group

I am joining this support group set up by the very successful, lovely, kind and sharing Deborah Crocker. She lost more than 90 lbs of weight, constantly guided and helped by her directions from God.

The idea she has put forward is to have a support group that shares how God is leading one to eat- no diets and no judgments and no advice either.

As per the plan, I am posting my food plan for today or my food victory for today – June 28, 2016.

Last night seeing myself in the mirror, made me realise that my latest diet is not doing me much good- because of course, being on smoothies, which are unpalatable, I used fruits in considerable amounts to sweeten them up and of course they showed up on my cheeks and probably in my liver too. Current problems that bother me are severe pain along one side of my back, particularly if I sit very long in a place and especially in a very cold place( AC turned on high).

I am travelling next week for my annual vacation and am dreading the day my in-laws see me for they have a particular way of judging my size and my weight- and saying- so you have put on weight- what do you eat and stuff, I would rather not be reminded of. I am so frustrated by these thoughts that I started praying about it and asked God ( don’t laugh) if I could be seen by my relatives as thin, even if I was not actually- because after all, weight and height are a question of perception and God being all powerful can of course turn things around and even people’s view points and make theme see me as thinner than I am.

This morning, I saw myself in the mirror again and have decided to fast for a couple of days, at least to get the rotundness of my face back to normal. My face is size XXXL as I see it and I need to get it down to at least L before I travel.

So I am praying about it but am not sure if I got this message from God to go cold turkey but I am taking it as so, and trying my best- so far so good, not hungry yet and about 3 hours into my change.