Children and Cruelty

I am inspired to write this post after reading a FB post about children being kind to animals and whether some children are born kind & good and some are born wicked ?

To be honest, I am quite taken aback. Can it be true ? Is there no role for parental and environmental influences in the kind of choices children make in their lives ? Is it all in their genes ?

I remember reading a book long ago as a teenager – an English classic, where one of the characters, enjoyed torturing small animals- I specifically remember the author writing about how he pulled insect wings off and derived pleasure from doing so. Does any one remember which classic book it was – was it Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights or a book from one of the other Bronte sisters ?

To tell you the truth, I don’t think this holds true in all cases or in any case at all. I think parents and other influences can totally mould a child’s character and his behavior ? What they see as they grow up is how they will behave.

What do you think ? Can cruelty be an inherited trait ? Can children be inherently cruel and especially to beings smaller and more helpless than them ?



8 thoughts on “Children and Cruelty

    1. I believe humans are born with tendencies or predispositions to certain traits. However, the circumstances which they grow up in ultimately shape who & what they become (i.e. children learn what they live.)

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  1. It sometimes doesn’t matter if a child is raised in a loving home. If they have inherited “bad genes” they may end up being the opposite from how they were raised. And I am speaking from experience…..Did you ever see the movie, The Bad Seed?

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  2. There are very few children who are inherently cruel. Those are the children who are born with certain brain anomalies leading to specific disorders (I don’t want to go into a long discourse here). The issue with other, supposedly “normal” children is that if and when they, as toddlers, hurt an animal unwittingly, no adult explains to them the cause and effect relationship between experimenting with live creatures and causing pain or even death of said creature. Sorry about being so verbose, but I really like your blog and I truly got involved in your posts!
    I am glad I found you,

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