Overeaten-what should I do now ?

It is the weekend. Around 4 pm today, I wasn’t hungry; perhaps a wee bit thirsty. Lunch was still working its way around my insides. But suddenly pictures of the chocolate box sitting in my fridge, float in front of my eyes. Tried telling myself, I am not hungry- let’s not do it- if I start one, I will need to go to the next and then the next and so on, till about 6 bars of that delicious Dairy Milk ( Cadbury’s- bought from the original Cadbury’s factory in Bournville) would be inside me and no one would be any the wiser. So I was going along like a really nice person, everything in control, when I thought of the red, dark chocolate bars my husband had bought for himself from Cadbury’s- perhaps, eating dark chocolate would help take my mind off the Dairy Milk, which should logically be the sweeter one, right ?

Dairy milk

So, true to form, I walked to the fridge and took out the packet in which I found a broken 3*4 piece of chocolate, already broken off. I tried breaking it but it was too strong for me and so between the chocolate and my temptation, I ended up taking the whole piece of 3*4 with me while I watched TV and all of it landed in my tummy. To top it all, I went back and broke off another 1*4 piece off the bar and polished off.

Cadbury's bournville

Relaxing in my couch, watching TV with no qualms whatsoever, in fact feeling quite good that I hadn’t given in to the Dairy Milk, I was reminded of my follies when hubby dearest asked me who had eaten almost half of his dark chocolate bar. That’s when I realised where my gluttony would land me.

Any suggestions on how I can prevent the chocolate from showing itself off on my tummy line ?

'I'm working off Saturday's sundae.'
‘I’m working off Saturday’s sundae.’