Looking back

Looking over my back posts, it seems as if a lot of them are focused on my weight and my trials on how to reach my ideal weight.

I am now at a comfortable 90 kgs- on good days, the scales show 88 and on bad, it can move a little above 90( don’t ask me how much).

After my trip to Birmingham, beginning of July and all the foraging for food( for of course, I needed to go out to get food), the weather not holding up most days, Salisbury’s closing early most days and my hunger pangs coming much much later and the long walks to reach eating places, I actually stood at 88 kgs, when I returned from my trip on the 16th of July. A week later, I am back to 90 kgs- I like to think of it as water weight.

But perhaps it is the many bars of Dairy milk chocolates and the half bar of chocolate that I downed on the sly but I now am 90 kgs, give or take a few kilos.

Am now reading a Chicken soup book which was lying on my shelf for ages – how to shape a new you- and I am inspired to start again.

For someone who has lost again and again in the diet battle, the only diet that seemed to work for me was the IQS diet and I am going back, difficult as it is, to IQS.

I am 47 and completely sedentary, so I need to up my movements some.

It is a good day to start today, the beginning of the week and am now starting on the IQS diet. I need to go to their website and read things once again to see if there have been any changes over two years.

Wish me luck !! ( once again)