Moving forward- Monday- day 2

A new habit takes about 6 weeks( 42 days) to set in and establish itself.

July 24 was my watershed day- I have had many more, its true- but the important thing is to get up, dust oneself and start over.

Day 1 : Plan

Go off sugar for 6 weeks- including white sugar, sugar substitutes- honey, agave( never eaten it, one bottle rests in my kitchen- gifted by my sister in law), jams( quite difficult) and a lot of fruits. Probably the only fruits allowed are ­čśŽ 2-3 pieces)

  1. Kiwi
  2. Blueberries and raspberries ( quite expensive here but if one’s got to eat them, one’s got to get them)
  3. Honeydew  melon
  4. Pear ( with skin)
  5. Coconut( surprise here- never knew it was a fruit)- Coconut is no-no for me as I used to eat it a lot till I was diagnosed with xanthalessma and high triglycerides/cholesterol

Try to avoid these fruits :

  1. Watermelon( I can do this, it gives me a migraine)
  2. Grapes ( sadly, ok, can do it)
  3. Bananas( ok- well, I will need to break this fast a bit for some banana for a regular bowel movement)
  4. Mangoes ( of course)

Aim : To control sugar urges for 42 days- starting July 24

End date : September 4th, 2016

Results hoped for : weight loss of 10 kgs ( is that too optimistic ?)

Exercise : Plan to walk 1000 steps a day- week 1 – July 24- July 31

Water intake : high – like 7- 8 bottles a day ( 750 ml bottles)