Moving forward- Monday- day 2

A new habit takes about 6 weeks( 42 days) to set in and establish itself.

July 24 was my watershed day- I have had many more, its true- but the important thing is to get up, dust oneself and start over.

Day 1 : Plan

Go off sugar for 6 weeks- including white sugar, sugar substitutes- honey, agave( never eaten it, one bottle rests in my kitchen- gifted by my sister in law), jams( quite difficult) and a lot of fruits. Probably the only fruits allowed are 😦 2-3 pieces)

  1. Kiwi
  2. Blueberries and raspberries ( quite expensive here but if one’s got to eat them, one’s got to get them)
  3. Honeydew  melon
  4. Pear ( with skin)
  5. Coconut( surprise here- never knew it was a fruit)- Coconut is no-no for me as I used to eat it a lot till I was diagnosed with xanthalessma and high triglycerides/cholesterol

Try to avoid these fruits :

  1. Watermelon( I can do this, it gives me a migraine)
  2. Grapes ( sadly, ok, can do it)
  3. Bananas( ok- well, I will need to break this fast a bit for some banana for a regular bowel movement)
  4. Mangoes ( of course)

Aim : To control sugar urges for 42 days- starting July 24

End date : September 4th, 2016

Results hoped for : weight loss of 10 kgs ( is that too optimistic ?)

Exercise : Plan to walk 1000 steps a day- week 1 – July 24- July 31

Water intake : high – like 7- 8 bottles a day ( 750 ml bottles)




2 thoughts on “Moving forward- Monday- day 2

  1. The changes in diet are very important and the craving for sugar will subside over time, so it won’t always be as hard as it is in the beginning. Take it one day at a time; small victories are easier to manage and will eventually win the war. Because I’m past menopause, my metabolism barely moves. I’ve been walking/running on the treadmill 6 days out of 7 for several months and it’s slow going. I focus on the health benefits more so than the weight loss. If I stick with it long enough I will probably lose some weight and you will too. We can do this!!

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    1. Lulu,
      If I remember right, you cycle too, right ?
      Thank you for writing in- it is so encouraging to have a friend on board and be together with one on this journey.
      Hope the summer is not too hot in Florida, Lulu and you are managing. I don’t move at all- I need to and will.

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