I am notorious for putting away thing for tomorrow that I can do today- that’s me.

  1. Weight loss : I have good intentions and want to be 60 kgs and 6 months- very ambitions and motivated even- posting on social media and all, but when it comes to actually the cutting down on the foods I should not eat, well, there’s always
  2. Combined study : There is a woman who works in a nearby university who needs my help to revise her portions for an ethics exam she needs to take in September- I know I should be calling her and letting her know I am back, but I cannot just frame that email and start the process off. Let me tell you why- because if she responds to my email and then I will have to fix times with her every day to revise lessons and look up other books and notes and that takes a lot of my home time away from myself- time which I want to lie down on the sofa and view my favourite shows on TV or read a book.ahh-procrastination
  3. Complete crochet projects : I have a lot of incomplete projects, all half done- or just started off, some that I cannot even recognise for what they were intended- all I know is that my aims were good but never got beyond a day of work and patience. ┬áSome projects have sat in my crafts box for more than a year. I have a lot of excuses like my husband does not like my crocheting or I don’t have the time or I have forgotten the pattern for that project and so on but it is just the dawdling me.
  4. Writer’s Digest exercise : I have been enrolled in the Writer’s digest course for over two years – I am stuck at their exercise 2- which involved going out to a public place and observing people and writing up about what I saw and another one where I needed to research common magazines that would take articles for print, paying or not paying. To be honest, I did the research and tried to find magazines but I didn’t have the guts to complete the exercise and that was in late 2014- I really need to get on with and later

Does any one else has a procrastination problem ?

How do you over come it ?