I am notorious for putting away thing for tomorrow that I can do today- that’s me.

  1. Weight loss : I have good intentions and want to be 60 kgs and 6 months- very ambitions and motivated even- posting on social media and all, but when it comes to actually the cutting down on the foods I should not eat, well, there’s always
  2. Combined study : There is a woman who works in a nearby university who needs my help to revise her portions for an ethics exam she needs to take in September- I know I should be calling her and letting her know I am back, but I cannot just frame that email and start the process off. Let me tell you why- because if she responds to my email and then I will have to fix times with her every day to revise lessons and look up other books and notes and that takes a lot of my home time away from myself- time which I want to lie down on the sofa and view my favourite shows on TV or read a book.ahh-procrastination
  3. Complete crochet projects : I have a lot of incomplete projects, all half done- or just started off, some that I cannot even recognise for what they were intended- all I know is that my aims were good but never got beyond a day of work and patience.  Some projects have sat in my crafts box for more than a year. I have a lot of excuses like my husband does not like my crocheting or I don’t have the time or I have forgotten the pattern for that project and so on but it is just the dawdling me.
  4. Writer’s Digest exercise : I have been enrolled in the Writer’s digest course for over two years – I am stuck at their exercise 2- which involved going out to a public place and observing people and writing up about what I saw and another one where I needed to research common magazines that would take articles for print, paying or not paying. To be honest, I did the research and tried to find magazines but I didn’t have the guts to complete the exercise and that was in late 2014- I really need to get on with and later

Does any one else has a procrastination problem ?

How do you over come it ?


22 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. I have a T-shirt that says “Procrastinators, leaders of tomorrow.”

    Not sure what all the reasons are that I procrastinate. Conflicted feelings, about whatever I’m avoiding? Willpower not always there, depending what’s going on in my life, too many other things to do, or?…


  2. I do. Definitely. I was supposed to do all the mending that’s been stacking up and I put it off the past two days and didn’t even think about it until reading your post. I need to find a new doctor to get a referral to an endocrinologist, but I’ve been putting that off–and the insurance has helped me put it off by giving me a list of doctors who are either retired or booked up. I put off my writing some days until near bedtime. I’m putting it off now by catching up on blogs instead of writing. If it’s important enough, I do get it done eventually.

    I don’t know why I procrastinate. I know I feel good when I do what I set out to do, but that isn’t enough reward for me, obviously.

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    1. Maybe we can encourage each other. The funny thing is I wasn’t such a procrastinator when I was younger but you know a lot of life disappointments have made me think – oh, what’s the point, anyway, I can’t do it- so that is what happens to me most of the time or perhaps I don’t want it badly enough and need a sort of shock treatment to get it done.

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  3. I have been high on the list for a while. Last couple of months, I have found almost all motivation left me. I took this amazing holiday and expected myself to be all rejuvenated on coming back. Nada! Same old “I’ll do it one tomorrow”.

    P.S. I would make that call for the combined study though.

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  4. This might seem kind of ocd, but I keep a notebook. It’s just a regular composition book, nothing fancy. In it I label each page with the date and the day of the week. In this notebook I keep track of everything I need to get done, and also the things I wish to accomplish for that day. This makes sure I’m not forgetting anything, but also that I’m not overloading myself on any given day. When I overload, I become overwhelmed and then nothing gets done.

    Maybe try this and just do a little each day.

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  5. I will send you my response tomorrow…………….get it? All the promises in the world and good intentions are for naught if they are only words. I actually will send you my response tomorrow as my back will not allow me to sit at the computer too much. You always give me food for thought! 🙂

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  6. I am pretty sure you understand my responses. The two messages “putting off a response” was procrastination. How can we move forward if we do nothing. The procrastination in calling that woman that needs your help, that affects you as a human being. IF you agreed to help her, then as a woman of good character, it is your obligation to do so – unless an emergency keeps you from it. You said yourself you know she needs your help. Whether it is weight loss, or study, or anything you have in your life that you KNOW needs to be done – you are only hurting yourself by putting them off. Your weight is your health, your study is your desire (though I think you are already good at writing). Relaxation will come, and sometimes you don’t realize your life could change in the wink of an eye. Mine did. I was a fitness trainer and consultant, dancer, writer and outdoor photographer. I fell and got a small break in my back which NOT taken care of properly, and after 3 months with poor care with the doctors and hospital ER they told me – “Your back is as healed as it is going to be. It’s too late to do any procedure. Call us if you need us.” 3 days later my compression fracture which has grown from 7% to 70% burst! I had to have two neurosurgeries, learn to walk again, and I will have pain for the rest of my life. I am not telling you this to have you be sad for me, but to make the point that every MOMENT is precious, and you NEED to make them productive and wonderful. Rest will come but as long as you are young and healthy take care of business for you and for others. You will get back much more than you give, and I promise there will be a day when you are older, that you would give anything to jump up and down and do whatever you want of need to do. Keep writing. Help that woman (kindness is never wrong). Finish that class and enjoy it. I think it would be fun. I was always VERY shy, even when I taught many people, counseled on a one to one basis, or danced for 500 people. But it was what my heart of hearts decided to do, and I let my intellect give me a slight shove into it. No regrets about that decision….even now. I published two books (because I thought – if I DROP DEAD NO ONE will be able to finish them) and they will become trash….Be joyous about a “full calendar” – trust me, TOO MANY hours alone and healing is not nearly as good as jumping up and down and having too much to do. You don’t know if there will be a tomorrow.
    Of course I want for you MANY happy and healthy days to come. Teach yourself not to procrastinate by getting in the habit of doing things. TRAIN your brain by thinking – I can, I will, I like it.

    I hope this helps answer your questions and hope to read your posts many more times. Just don’t let being on the internet consume your life, as many people have. Love and blessing!

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    1. Marsha, you are amazing and I hope you put your words into a post on your site so many people can read them. The people who see cannot appreciate sight unless they have lost an eye. How true is that .
      I called the woman who needed my help and she seems to be doing well herself- i offered my time and she seems to not have time now for joint study.
      I haven’t got to the writer’s digest course yet.
      Thank you, Marsha- you are a blessing


  7. […] I think most of us are quite accustomed to the state of mind called procrastination although many of use other phrases to disguise its presence! ‘I have to do the shopping, washing and ironing today and have no time to write’…….’I need to organise my underwear draw’! Susie of Susie Shy 45 has a burst of honesty…. I do know where she is coming from. […]


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