My bucket list

Things I would really love to be able to do before I die:

  1. At least one push up- if a 100, I would die in peace or one piece, happily.
  2. Free of knee pain
  3. Able to climb up stairs (without panting)instead of taking the elevator and not looking like a sick, cardiac patient by the time I reach floor three.
  4. Able to do proper squats and complete the 100 squat challenge ( Fitness Blender)


Reading through them I think most of them are lifestyle related but I have wanted to be able to do these for about 5-6 years now but haven’t been able to, because  of loss of heart after starting to learn.

Oh, and getting rid of my sweet tooth ! Sugar is my enemy- I am addicted to sugar- If I could only get rid of my sugar enemy, it would be the best thing in the world for me, I think.

Do you think I could do any of these in this lifetime.:)


Pain letters- had to share

A couple of years ago, I was out of a job ( of my own choice). After having kept a low profile for a time, I started sending job applications to various places, hoping something would click. I must have sent at least 5 applications a day and sometimes even more. About three months into my unemployment, I got called to my first interview. I didn’t get that job.

Today I have a job. ( see old post)

While waiting for the new job, I went through some struggles.

Today I read an article in a Forbes newsletter about how to think out of the box when applying for a job. The concept of ” pain letters” is introduced here. Sometimes we need to attract attention of our prospective job employers through unconventional means. And just sometimes, those means may hit a target.

When I was applying for jobs, one day, in a sheer fit of frustration, I wrote a letter to the Research Dean of an university where I wanted to work and wrote about my aspirations and dreams. This was in June of that year. I got a reply in mid-October. Seems like that letter had touched a chord and sparked a response. From the correspondence that ensued, I was called for an interview and finally I got the job- not a perfect one but a job and one at which I was happy. In about six months, I got a promotion, was made permanent and now I am happy at my workplace with a great bunch of girlfriends and colleagues.

For those of you who are looking for jobs and may be a tad bit frustrated, don’t give up. Something nicer is just around the corner. You need to persist in order to navigate the curve and when the curve is turned, you will find yourself on newer pastures.

Please share your job search stories. Maybe we can work out a formula to help others in the position we have been in previously.


New crochet project

The holidays are here and I thought it was a long time since I had done anything remotely crochet. I was going to crochet something.

Girlybunches had just this morning posted her new video on how to crochet the virus shawl as she called it. It looked lovely, from what I could see of it.

So I started crocheting with her watching her on youtube. As usual, I didn’t have enough yarn of one colour, so decided to use as many colours as I could and use up those bits of yarn and those bundles for which I could never find good use for.

A few rows later, I came to find out that Olivia from Girlybunches had only posted the patter for the first 11 or so rows. And she had posted a link to the written pattern which looked like a complicated mathematical design to me.

A net search told me that Joana Martinez had also a pattern for the virus shawl and so I went there and it was a lot clearer there.

So here I am crocheting my shawl, which I hope will add to my collection of warm clothes to protect me against the cold air of the Air Con in my office and also for me take on my trip to Boston next month.IMG_2993.JPGIMG_2995.JPG

Do you like it ? For those of you interested in crochet, it seems to be an easy and beautiful project to do.


A writer and her inspiration.

I remind myself constantly that there is a second part to a post I wrote before on “The Silent Treatment”.

I haven’t been able to do it. I am known for my procrastination.

But more importantly, I am in a peculiar situation now. Unless I get inspired, I cannot get to write the post. I guess, it is a type of writer’s block or a means of finding an excuse but its true.

Try as I might, unless I experience the Silent Treatment first hand, I will not be able to write about it. I will not have the drive to write or the push to complete the post or the pull at my heart’s strings to let others know what I have gone through.

Have any of you bloggers felt this way ? Do you need to get personally inspired before you write ?


Being honest and outspoken in office- good or bad ?

We have two departments with offices in our section of the building. These two departmental offices are separated from the rest of the university by a tall door. Anyone who enters the office doesn’t realize there are at least 10 sub offices inside each leading off from the central corridor. Two of these offices belong to the Post Graduate studies wing of the university ( administration) and the rest are for the Research Office.

One of the newly appointed temps in the Post Graduate studies wing has a problem- that of talking non-stop. This is ok as a whole except that our offices are not sound proofed and the open spaces between the cubicles carry sound waves clearly across every office in the wing. The language is the vernacular and the tone of the voice is a loud, monotone.

Kat who is housed next door to the office of the temp is severely disturbed by the continuous chattering. She has been complaining about it for days on the end, perhaps even months to our supervisor Syn. Syn has gone across to Post Graduate Admissions to talk to Anna, the supervisor of the temp, to ask her to speak to her temp, and get her to talk less or only if necessary since her talk disturbs other office staff.

I am not sure if Anna did talk to Ramsa, the temp but there has been no change noticeable in the sound levels of our department.

Kat’s roommates’ brother’s house burnt down the day before yesterday, because of an electric failure issue and the brother has moved over to Kat’s house to stay until his house is sorted out.

Yesterday, things came to a head at our office. Ramsa came into work, reported to Anna and started jabbering at a high level of amplitude. Kat, sitting in her office had had it, what with the new person in her house and the resultant adjustments that she totally lost it. She walked over to Anna’s office and told the two ladies if they minded lowering their voices a little as she was working.

Ramsa muttered something in her language and slammed the door of the office.


Kat was shocked and so was Syn, when it was reported to her.

Anna told us this morning, Ramsa, who is 30 years old has a hearing problem and hence her loud voice but she couldn’t explain the non-stop talking.

Kat who is one of the most level headed and kindest women I know, is upset about whether she has rocked the boat.

What do you think ? Should anyone in the office do anything to appease Ramsa ? Is Kat in the wrong ?

How would you deal with a similar situation?


Puffy Eyes

Waking up yesterday to puffy eyes and almost no eye slit, I was a shocker to look at.

This was not the first time it happened with me. Anytime I cry or I rub my hands which had traces of paprika or chilli on them, my eyes water and this causes my eyes to swell up. I can use my eyes and see well but for the onlooker, I look like a weirdo.

This has been going on at least for 15 years. Some days when this happens, I have had to take off from work, until the swelling goes off, which can be at least 3 days later.

This time I had had enough.

I searched the net to find out what the heaviness in my eyes was about. To my surprise, they had  a name for it and it was called “Puffy Eyes”.

And the treatment- it is an accumulation of fluid in the sub-cutaneous tissue around the eyes and the treatment is – drink more water.

I tried it immediately and it seems to be working. I am relieved.

Going about one’s life with two sensory organs functioning at less than optimum is not good.

Swollen eyes

Have you ever had swollen eyes before ?

Isn’t it a weird feeling ?

What do you do for puffy eyes ?