Puffy Eyes

Waking up yesterday to puffy eyes and almost no eye slit, I was a shocker to look at.

This was not the first time it happened with me. Anytime I cry or I rub my hands which had traces of paprika or chilli on them, my eyes water and this causes my eyes to swell up. I can use my eyes and see well but for the onlooker, I look like a weirdo.

This has been going on at least for 15 years. Some days when this happens, I have had to take off from work, until the swelling goes off, which can be at least 3 days later.

This time I had had enough.

I searched the net to find out what the heaviness in my eyes was about. To my surprise, they had  a name for it and it was called “Puffy Eyes”.

And the treatment- it is an accumulation of fluid in the sub-cutaneous tissue around the eyes and the treatment is – drink more water.

I tried it immediately and it seems to be working. I am relieved.

Going about one’s life with two sensory organs functioning at less than optimum is not good.

Swollen eyes

Have you ever had swollen eyes before ?

Isn’t it a weird feeling ?

What do you do for puffy eyes ?