A writer and her inspiration.

I remind myself constantly that there is a second part to a post I wrote before on “The Silent Treatment”.

I haven’t been able to do it. I am known for my procrastination.

But more importantly, I am in a peculiar situation now. Unless I get inspired, I cannot get to write the post. I guess, it is a type of writer’s block or a means of finding an excuse but its true.

Try as I might, unless I experience the Silent Treatment first hand, I will not be able to write about it. I will not have the drive to write or the push to complete the post or the pull at my heart’s strings to let others know what I have gone through.

Have any of you bloggers felt this way ? Do you need to get personally inspired before you write ?


12 thoughts on “A writer and her inspiration.

  1. I would have thought that it would have gotten easier to post every day as time went by, but fifteen and a half months in, it hasn’t. Sometimes I struggle for hours before coming up with something. It happens.

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      1. I need to give the silent treatment to everyone to sit down and write!

        I am pretty well, for the most part. Working a lot because we’ve lost another assistant manager, but it happens. How are you?


    1. Good idea. Sometimes you need to feel the pain once more to be able to write and that is so weird, right ? Like,if an abused wife who is a writer wants to write about her experiences, she needs to be abused again, in order to feel the pain and then express her pain in words- weird , I think.


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