Pain letters- had to share

A couple of years ago, I was out of a job ( of my own choice). After having kept a low profile for a time, I started sending job applications to various places, hoping something would click. I must have sent at least 5 applications a day and sometimes even more. About three months into my unemployment, I got called to my first interview. I didn’t get that job.

Today I have a job. ( see old post)

While waiting for the new job, I went through some struggles.

Today I read an article in a Forbes newsletter about how to think out of the box when applying for a job. The concept of ” pain letters” is introduced here. Sometimes we need to attract attention of our prospective job employers through unconventional means. And just sometimes, those means may hit a target.

When I was applying for jobs, one day, in a sheer fit of frustration, I wrote a letter to the Research Dean of an university where I wanted to work and wrote about my aspirations and dreams. This was in June of that year. I got a reply in mid-October. Seems like that letter had touched a chord and sparked a response. From the correspondence that ensued, I was called for an interview and finally I got the job- not a perfect one but a job and one at which I was happy. In about six months, I got a promotion, was made permanent and now I am happy at my workplace with a great bunch of girlfriends and colleagues.

For those of you who are looking for jobs and may be a tad bit frustrated, don’t give up. Something nicer is just around the corner. You need to persist in order to navigate the curve and when the curve is turned, you will find yourself on newer pastures.

Please share your job search stories. Maybe we can work out a formula to help others in the position we have been in previously.


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